Major improvements to Putney High Street

Published: Thursday 22nd February 18

Putney High Street is to get a package of improvements to improve traffic flow, reduce pollution and make it safer and more attractive.

How the Copenhaagen crossing could look

Councillors last night approved the first phase of the improvement plan, which will see the most radical revamp of the High Street for many years. It was drawn up following extensive consultation with local people and groups, who were asked what changes they would like to see.

The first phase costing up to £640,000 will include:

  • Sections of road-narrowing scheme in part of the High Street to enable pavements to be widened
  • Improving the junctions of Putney Bridge Road and Lacy Road with the High Street
  • Installing a piece of public art or ‘green wall’ on the cinema façade
  • Uplighting key buildings
  • Installing a trial ‘Copenhagen Crossing’ to make the busy High Street easier to cross. If this is successful, more could be installed
  • Removing unnecessary guardrails
  • Planting trees and installing planters
  • Installing a ‘City Tree’ which help filter pollution
  • Reducing the speed limit to 20mph
  • A trial cycle lane contra-flow
  • Improving cycle parking provision

New cycle parking

The report contains a wide range of additional improvements, which will be introduced as more money becomes available.

These include further improvements to the cycle network, exploring opportunities for relocating the taxi rank, installing more public art, creating more public open spaces and enhancing bus stops.

The council’s community services spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “We have been working on these proposals for some time, and I’m pleased phase one was agreed last night. We hope Putney residents will quickly notice the improvements.

“Going forward, there’s lots more we want to do. Some funding is in place and we are working hard to secure more. We’re disappointed that our recent bid to TfL was unsuccessful, especially as the Mayor of London has stated that tackling

pollution is a priority for him, but we will continue to work closely with TfL and make a further funding bid later this year.”

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Recent comments

1. Surely it would be a huge waste of electricity to uplight buildings? 2. Trees and planters sound like a good idea. However, the tiny trees planted on Putney High Street made the pavement even more crowded than before, and the Christmas trees in pots fell over and got stolen. Perhaps it would be better to focus on trees and gardens on neighbouring properties, e.g. roof terraces. The flowers outside Putney Library are a beautiful feature and they have successfully deterred rough-sleepers! 3. The high street and adjoining roads are blighted by litter. I think the community would benefit most from a daily litter-pick. 4. Cyclists do not pay attention to the rules and just use the pavement, even when the road is empty.
Alison Price

4 August 2018

I think it is a very commendable initiative to improve Putney High Street. I only have one reservation amongst the listed initiatives - "uplighting key building". What is the purpose of this?? I see this as being both a waste of money as probably 95% of the light then only goes to adding to the appalling light pollution London suffers from. There is a lot of focus on pollution generally, especially on Putney High Street, but light pollution gets overlooked. If key buildings must be lit for vanity purposes (and I understand the aesthetic appeal of this), then why not 'downlight' them? This means any excess light goes to lighting the street and not the sky, creating further benefits and potential savings on street lighting.
Martin Howe

10 March 2018

more back handers for govinda and hes cronies? the high street in putney died the day they decided to put the awful shopping center, you know the big one that has never in its 20 plus years been fully occupied. the high street needs the bus station moved, and taxi rank moved, this will ease pollution and congestion in one go. but thats tosimple and does not line wbc pockets

27 February 2018

I don't agree with narrowing the road and widening the pavements. That is completely pointless. The road is narrow enough as it is. i also don't agree with the Copenhagaan crossing. I agree with planting trees and adding greenery. I don't think Putney High Street is appropriate for cyclists and they should be deterred from using it altogether. Better to get clean buses and cleaner cars on the road. The real problem is the quality of shops. This is what you need to improve.
Liz Bryant

25 February 2018

"Improve traffic flow by narrowing the road and widening the pavement" - for pedestrians perhaps? The plans look like organised chaos and stationary traffic increases nox and carbon emissions so no progress there. Please limit bike speeds to 20 mph as the other vehicular traffic is well below this at most times during the day. Surely the uplighting of buildings will increase light pollution?
L Cross

25 February 2018

West Hill And Putney High Street are the 2 main routes into Central London - so expect congestion. I don't see many walking either way in Putney High Street - so fail to see any reason for widening pavements. Most of the congestion around that area is caused by delivery vans and busses - if you ever stop to count the number of lorries, vans, delivery vans, taxis, uber, addison lee taxis - there are very few private vehicle drivers. Might also be a good idea to restrict the size of lorries within the M25.

24 February 2018

The paving on Putney bridge has totally collapsed...Why is it not been fixed????
tom brehony

23 February 2018

The paving on Putney bridge has totally collapsed...Why is it not been fixed????
tom brehony

23 February 2018

Putney High street is to narrow now without making it more so, nothing wrong with the widths of the pavements, restrict some of the loading times would make more sense and I have never known speed higher than twenty miles an hour there which is what creates the pollution. We do not have to copy other countries who have far more space than we do their roads are so wide they need special crossing, we have never had a problem crossing the road and WHY do we have to make all these arrangements for cycles when they rarely use them. Proposals are a complete waste of money along with artworks,we have many beautiful building to look at.
Angela Stroud

23 February 2018

Does anyone in the council offices have a slightest bit of common sense? When does anything go over 20mph it’s impossible it’s always blocked! As for widening the pavements oh yes great idea when we’ve just acknowledged the traffic is bad anyway! Unbelievable! As the other person said stop delivery trucks between 08:00 & 19:00, get rid of the taxi rank and manage the traffic lights sequence better! Can people realise not everyone cycles although I do on occasions and when has there even been a problem crossing the road? Please rethink before you totally mess up Putney! Oh one more thing if councils managed roadworks better we would have less congestion! You can go anywhere without someone digging something up!
Ian Johnson

23 February 2018

How on earth can already narrow Putney High Street be made even narrower with wider pavements AND contra flow cycle lane? Balmy. I always used to use Oxford Road, and it makes sense to route them there for their own safety.

23 February 2018

By reducing the speed limit to 20 mph is a waste of time.Average speed on the high street is 10 mph .Lets focus on how to improve the traffic flow. Best thing to improve the traffic flow is to get rid of the taxi rank in the middle of the road and improve the junction infront the station. Do not widen the pavement, this will cause the traffic to build up quickly and high Street will be gridlocked most of the day. You should ban the delivery trucks in the rush should be done early morning or late evening.

23 February 2018

Please can we get rid of the advertising boards many shops put on the pavement outside their shops. They are a trip hazard and only serve to narrow the already narrow pavements on the High Street.

23 February 2018

Could I please beg that you put a green wall on the Cinema at Odeon. This is the most significant in terms of pollution and in terms of people's well being. A piece of public art beautiful though it may be will not calm people will not welcome people and will not reduce pollution. if we can get a village fell with GREENERY it will increase shoppers to the High Street which will help the businesses. thank you so much.
Mary Brehony

23 February 2018

Installing a trail (sic) ‘Copenhagen Crossing’ PLEASE check for typos before you publish. "that tackling pollution is a priority for him, " Written in haste and not checked?
Celia Blair

22 February 2018

To add - I also cannot see how this could actually improve air quality if traffic flow and congestion is worse - there will be more cars and lorries crawling along the High Street pumping out emissions, not less, and that will surely only make it worse. And if people rat run to avoid more congestion on the high street (which they already do) surely that is just going to push the problem into the residential side streets too? Can the council please share the modelling and evidence which shows that reducing road space will improve traffic flow and air quality?

22 February 2018

I can't see how these measures will improve traffic flow - they seem to be designed to make it worse (e.g. narrowing the road and installing contraflow cycle lanes). What the council should be doing is looking at phasing the traffic lights to make sure that they are all on green at the same time and don't let traffic build up, moving the taxi rank so that four lanes are restored outside the rail station (one was removed when the bus layby was filled in) and doing more to enforce the daytime delivery ban and ensure that buses don't block the road when stationary (i.e. *more* bus laybys not narrowing the road). The measures above seem to be taking space away from vehicles when what is needed is more intelligent use of the existing space.

22 February 2018