Still time to comment on Mayor’s new emission zone consultation

Published: Wednesday 14th February 18

People have only a fortnight left to comment on the Mayor of London’s plans to expand the capital’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) to the South Circular.

The consultation is of particular relevance to Wandsworth residents because the Mayor’s proposal to extend the scheme up to the South Circular (A205) would cut the borough in half - meaning that any vehicle entering the zone would either need to meet stringent exhaust emission standards or the driver would have to pay a daily charge.

For cars, small vans and motorcycles the daily charge would be £12.50. For buses, coaches, larger lorries or smaller but older vans, the cost would range from £100 to £300.

The Mayor wants to make the change in 2021 meaning it would affect anyone driving within a zone whose southernmost boundary would be marked by  the Upper Richmond Road, Wandsworth High Street, East Hill, Wandsworth Common Northside, Battersea Rise, The Avenue Clapham Common West Side and Clapham Common Southside.

Anyone driving north of these roads would need to comply with the new ULEZ regulations.  The northern boundary of the ULEZ would be the North Circular Road.

The Mayor also wants to tighten the rules of the existing London-wide Low Emission Zone from 2020, which affects heavy vehicles – buses, coaches and HGVs and other heavy specialist vehicles.

To take part in the online consultation people are being urged to visit the TfL website. The closing date for comments is February 28.

According to TfL the current estimated cost of implementing the new ULEZ zone could range from £90m to £130m.  

The council’s environment and transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “It’s important that people take part in this consultation because if these proposals are implemented they will have quite far reaching consequences for local residents and businesses.

“We are broadly supportive of expanding the ULEZ zone as it is clear that London’s air quality needs to improve which is why we ourselves have done so much to help address this issue locally, with a wide range of local initiatives.

“However we are concerned about how local communities living close to the ULEZ border will be affected and we need to see concrete ideas from the Mayor on how their interests will be protected.

“The new scheme boundary will divide Wandsworth in two and could cause adverse effects on traffic levels, pollution, parking pressures and motoring costs for households and businesses on either side of the new boundary.

“Our residents and businesses need to see clear mitigation plans to stop rat running and also be told how the money raised through the new tariffs will be used to support them adapt their transport habits.  We want assurances this money will be used to prevent hardship caused by these new rules, not prop up other mayoral funding priorities.

“We have also asked for detailed traffic modelling to show the effects on different parts of the borough, as well as modelling based on alternative scheme boundaries.  This is a major change and we need to know if the South and North Circular are the best places for the new border.” 

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Recent comments

This is a horrible idea from a mayor who promised to take diesel buses off of Putney High Street and moved them to Streatham. He said he would stop the development of Wimbledon Greyhound stadium and now that will be developed with no public transport to support it. There is no good way to get about without sometimes using your car. This will just be another money grab from a mayor who wants Tfl to be a monopoly on travel.
Paige Barry

4 March 2018

How do I know whether my car meets the requirements?
Jacques Tostee

21 February 2018

The cost of implementing this is completely outrageous and a waste of our money. Nobody uses a car in London for fun, more because one needs to so why should we be penalised again for using a car. So many crack pot ideas spurting from that Mayor it makes me wish I lived in the country. Feel like we are being chased out of town. Disgraceful. Still banging on about extra polluting runway at Heathrow I guess. All wrong. Fed up from Battersea

19 February 2018

I feel very upset about this proposal - I can't afford a new car, and this means that every time I go to the shops, or across the river to meet my daughter, it is going to cost me £12.50. I think Wandsworth Council do a wonderful job, and have been happy to support in the past,but this feels unfair, and making ordinary people pay for the politicians to claim green credentials. I think this proposal is unfair, and penalises ordinary residents
Dr Diana Voller

17 February 2018

Why do we have to put up with the Mayor's DAFT strategy? Never was the saying 'OUR MAYOR'S A NODDY' more true. Central London is over populated - if more housing is built - it will just encourage more into London - more vehicles - delivery vans, construction vans etc. Why not put the tax on the new cars I see on our roads - with 2 exhausts & three times the size of my 1.5 litre car. Whilst on the subject of cars - why do I never see any work being done on the coned off road between Battersea & Chelsea Bridges (different council I know)?? - CONGESTION - POLLUTION being cause on our South of the River.

17 February 2018

Another draconian, punitive proposal from the mayor's office. London needs to move. Cars are getting cleaner. I use the bus, tube, bike, run when possible but I have a family and sometimes we need to move around by car and occasionally I need my car to drive to a location for work. The charge will not stop me using the car own these occasions but it will cost me money - less money to spend in the local community so the wider community suffers. This is using the environment as an excuse to raise taxes. It's a disgrace.
A Stuart

17 February 2018

Is tha actual South Circular Road within the ULEZ or out of it? If it is not part of the zone, fine - rat runs will not be a problem. If it is in, the centres like Balham just south will be a major rst run.

17 February 2018

This is draconian, yet again car owners are being targeted I don't see the mayor offering ££ to residents to change their car to a hybrid This yet again hits the low/middle income people Since being in office the average person has been hit by his whims Its time he left drivers alone and concentrated on everyday concerns that affect living in London I expect Wandsworth to take a stand and veto this There are other measures to reduce pollution like solar panels on every dwelling and all new builds
lesley griffiths

16 February 2018

For less than £50000.00 the pollution in Londons worst areas could be halved by directly cleaning the air. Why will the Mayor not even consider this?
elizabeth sinclair-house

16 February 2018

I gave up driving in London because Ken Livingstone made it too expensive to do so with his congestion charge, which I am still not sure where all the money goes. Now we have Khan putting forward this exercise. For many years, I was a motorcyclist and actually fancied getting back into it. It seems that, Khan has made sure that I won't bother, as I will not contribute to yet another daft idea that is designed to extract money and not deal with the problem. The fact is, the increased costs faced by businesses, taxis, mini-cabs, coach companies etc will be passed straight on to passengers. Increased costs for supermarkets etc will hit the customers and their families. More ill-judged reasoning from our incompetent Mayor.
John Gallagher

16 February 2018

All a load of rubbish. Penalising all who drive will just inflict additional costs to all works being undertaken by various tradesmen, skip hire , deliveries to the area ,etc. etc. What next a ban /tax on having a shower ,using shampoo and a deodorant? ( Refer todays study that more pollution from these!).
N Paul

16 February 2018

As I've commented before I am overall in favour of the principle of an expanded ULEZ, but I object strongly to the proposed high flat daily rate of £12.50 only on older vehicles. This is both unfair (particularly on low ULEZ mileage drivers of older vehicles, probably more likely to live near the edges of the zone, and probably more likely not to be able to afford a newer car either) and also won't achieve a significant reduction in emissions as there is NO financial incentive whatsoever for high mileage drivers of newer cars to reduce their mileage or buy a cleaner car. PLEASE comment to this effect on the consultation and tell the Mayor to think again and come up with a new proposal based on the MILEAGE driven in the ULEZ for ALL vehicles

15 February 2018

And there will be far reaching impacts on our health if something is not done.
susan lofthouse

15 February 2018