Temporary number on Sunday morning for council’s emergency helpline

Published: Friday 9th February 18

On Sunday morning (February 11) between 3am and 4am, normal telephone lines into Wandsworth Council’s Emergency Centre will not be available, due to essential maintenance.

Instead if people need help or assistance during this one hour period they should use these alternative numbers:   

07786 660 060 or 07786 660 413.

Normal telephone links will resume at 4am.

The council’s emergency centre is staffed 24 hours a day 365 days a year. It deals with around 12,000 calls from the public, other emergency services and utilities a month.

Its roles include helping people outside of normal office hours who are experiencing problems of noise, anti-social behaviour, flooding, power cuts, road or pavement defects, damaged or dangerous buildings and rescuing people trapped in lifts.

The service can normally be contacted on (020) 8871 7490.

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