Consultation underway on series of measures to boost Battersea High Street

Published: Friday 9th February 18

People living in Battersea are being canvassed for their views on a set of proposals designed to revitalise and smarten up their high street.

The council has launched a public consultation on plans to improve the southern section of Battersea High Street between its junctions with Battersea Park Road and Simpson Street.

A proposed new look for the high street

The proposed environmental improvements have been drawn up in response to requests from local residents and businesses who want the high street improved and better facilities introduced for its small street market and also for pedestrians and cyclists.

Under the plans the high street would remain essentially vehicle free but with better paving, less street furniture and a dozen new trees.

Parking provision would be retained for the existing businesses but relocated to provide improved space for pedestrians and cyclists.

Highways and transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “We want local businesses and residents to tell us what they think. We believe these plans will improve the high street and make it safer and more attractive for pedestrians and cyclists, but it’s important local people give us their views.”

What the approach to Simpson Street could look like

And Cllr Kim Caddy, Wandsworth’s cabinet member for employment, skills and business development added: “Local businesses have been calling for the high street to get a facelift and we’ve listened to what they’ve told us and drawn up a set of proposals we hope will meet with their approval.

“Our aim is to improve the look and feel of the high street, encourage shoppers to visit and support its economic growth and activity.”

To find out more please visit For more information call (020) 8871 8467 or email

The consultation closes on February 28.

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The location of Battersea High Street and the name suggests a bustling high street but it is not, as pointed out by others Raynsford are the only quality shop in produce and appearance and there are far too many shops with metal roller blinds which were discouraged and in fact grants given to refit a shopfront without grills. We opened ten years ago and benefited from a grant for the shopfront and the business and we are still here 10 years later which is rare for many of the businesses along the street. What it needs is the owners to offer low rents on the commercial sites to attract businesses that can make a go of it and then grow the reputation in one shop field (food, clothes, flowers etc) so more people use it to browse or purchase.
Charles New

16 March 2018

Good to have trees but in what is a relatively tight space how about almond trees - few leaves to shed and very attractive blossom. There is such a tree on east side of Balfern St - in flower now. re paving stones - hope there is no intention of removing the attractive London paving... please use this for any new pavement. And do not under any circumstances remove the cobbles. re cycling - as per comment below please ensure it be both ways.
Elspeth Cooper

26 February 2018

yet again more money spent elsewhere WHAT ABOUT TOOTING
gillian persaud

13 February 2018

Very happy to see these improvements that hopefully will make the High Street more of a destination encouraging new businesses into this area. All I ask is that the street furniture is of good design and quality and street drinking continues to be discouraged.
Peter Pollard

10 February 2018

Although the design proposal is poor, better than nothing. The street has gradually improved but it’s greatest blight are the mini cab drivers lining the streets of BHS and Simpson St. about time the Council did something about them. The design effort in this proposal is woeful and typical council - crazy paving and the odd tree does not make landscape design.
James Edwards

10 February 2018

This section of Battersea High Street for cyclists should make it two way for cyclists. At the moment you can only cycle northbound. Going south, towards the river, you have to take a detour.
Keith Garner

10 February 2018

Why not - but good designs, please, and keep as much of the original village as possible. No brutalistic designs.
susan lofthouse

10 February 2018

The photo shown gives the impression that the High Street is a going commercial concern/market when in fact there are three stalls every Saturday- that’s it. Three stalls. The proper greengrocer - Raynsford - is open three days a week. It is not a busy retail street, unless you class the mini cab drivers parked up all day and (noisily) overnight as ‘retail ‘ - a waste of money .
Vivian Brickell

10 February 2018

Battersea High Street market - the pits of the world - not even safe to walk down after dark - friend got mugged there - in the whole of the 35 years I've lived in Battersea I've only ever bought a daily paper in those stinking shops - green grocers always looks good though. Pull the whole area down and put in some flats (not high rise) and nice shops -along the lines of Nothcote Road.

10 February 2018

This area is so neglected and could be a gem. Get rid of the drunks outside the betting shop. Think Italy and ensure it is a welcoming place where people would want to linger and relax. More trees and flowering plants will enhance the area beautifully
Anita Jackson

9 February 2018

Actually, Oliver, in my opinion, Battersea Park Road is already improving hugely: another smart barbers (Ramey), a nice posh wine shop, the revamped Oasis charity shops, a new little Italian restaurant (Piatto), good indie coffee shops (Flour to the People), a good overall mix of different types of shop. What it needs now is US TO SPEND OUR MONEY THERE so that we are spared yet more horrid chain stores!!!
Tim Donovan

9 February 2018

Fantastic idea. - long overdue.
Robbie Ashmore

9 February 2018

I have always liked Battersea High Street, all the while knowing it could be improved. So, I am very encouraged by the Council's plans. I particularly appreciate the inclusion of more benches.
Ira Levin

9 February 2018

A great idea and hopefully the Council will extend these planned improvements to Battersea Park Road which is a mess: grotty kebab shops, tons of street furniture outside dirty hole in the wall shops, litter and fly-tipping, lack of bins etc... There are very few decent shops or restaurants (and no bank) because even middle-of-the-range retailers are put off by the street's appearance.
Olivier Desbarres

9 February 2018