Wandsworth gives ‘first dibs for locals’ on new homes

Published: Tuesday 6th February 18

The Mayor of London has announced a voluntary agreement with several housebuilders to offer, for a month, newly-built properties priced £350,000 or less to the capital’s residents.

Wandsworth Council prioritises homes for local people for three months

However, Wandsworth prioritises new council and housing association homes for rent and shared ownership for three months, not simply for Londoners, but for people who live or work in the borough. 

Thanks to this policy, all 116 of the shared ownership flats in Optivo housing association’s new Riverlight development, at Nine Elms, have been by Wandsworth locals.

Last year 90% of shared ownership homes across the borough were also bought by people living or working in the borough.

Construction is under way at the first sites of a 1,000-home housebuilding programme, with all of them prioritised for local people, and 605 as council housing for rent and shared ownership, the rest for sale to help pay for the development.

More than 3,000 new homes for shared ownership, social renting, low cost rent, market rent and for sale are to be built by the council and partners Redrow and Taylor Wimpey – both signatories to the Mayor of London’s ‘first dibs’ scheme – through the regeneration of the Alton estate, in Roehampton, and Winstanley and York Road estates, in Battersea, guaranteeing newly built homes for all secure council tenants and owner-occupiers on their estates.

Cllr Ravi Govindia, Leader of Wandsworth Council, said: “It’s a missed opportunity, as the Mayor’s scheme doesn’t go as far as what we do for local people in Wandsworth - with our own housebuilding programme, Building Homes for Wandsworth People, all 1,000 properties will be prioritised for those living or working in the borough, as will the homes for low cost rent and shared ownership being built through our estate regeneration schemes.”

More about Wandsworth Council and housebuilding: 

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