Refurbishment plan to brighten up busy Battersea short cut

Published: Friday 2nd February 18

A popular but dimly-lit pedestrian and cycling short-cut underneath railway arches near Battersea Park is to be given a major facelift as part of a council-led £30,000 improvement scheme.

Many local people use the underpass in Ravenet Street as a useful short cut linking Queenstown Road to the Doddington and Rollo estates and also further on towards Battersea Park.

Although convenient and well-used, some residents have said they would feel safer with better lighting and as a result plans have now been drawn up for a £30,000 refurbishment of this key pedestrian route.

As well as better lighting, the footpath will be resurfaced to remove any cracks and potholes while Network Rail, which owns the arches, has agreed to carry out a deep clean on their brickwork.

Vegetation that has started growing through the brickwork will be removed and drainage gullies cleared and repaired to prevent puddles and localised flooding.

And the existing guardrail at the northern entrance to the underpass is to be removed to improve cycling access while broken wooden bollards that prevent vehicle access at the southern end will be replaced.

The lion’s share of the funding for these improvements has been awarded from the Wandsworth Local Fund (WLF). This is a local levy on developers to fund neighbourhood improvements such as better roads, pavements or park renovations. The WLF has provided £20,000 to this scheme with a further £10,000 provided by Transport for London via the Central London Sub Regional Transport Partnership (CLSRTP).

The council’s transport and environment spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “This is an important local short cut for many people and these improvements will make it a lot more welcoming and a lot safer."

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Recent comments

Hope this can help as it has become a haven to criminal activity and hopefully this can prevent some of this happening on a daily basis in the pathway, to help to make people feel safer. But I must implore that they make it harder for the motorbikes and scooters to drive through as on a number of occasions they have almost knocked over pedestrians as a result of them speeding through.

21 March 2018

Good news!
James Howard

8 February 2018

Well done Queenstown Councillor Dikerdem for encouraging the Council to do something about the arches.
susan lofthouse

3 February 2018

A very welcome project! I use this tunnel regularly - so please make it better but also make it harder for scooters and motorbikes to speed through causing danger to cyclists and pedestrians alike! Think hard, also, at making lanes / lane markings regular and distinctive so that pedestrians, especially, do not wander aimlessly into the path of cyclists.
Mark Bennett

2 February 2018

Great News! Look forward to the work taking place.
Valerie Lenthall

2 February 2018

Why does the Council refer to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL),where this funding originates, as the Wandsworth Local Fund (WLF). They seem to be distancing themselves from raising the money whilst spending it
edward mcmahon

2 February 2018