More reason to celebrate as council removes royal wedding street party fee

Published: Wednesday 31st January 18

Residents are being encouraged to have a right royal celebration to mark the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after the council agreed to waive all its charges for organising a street party.

With the nation preparing to celebrate May’s royal event the council is urging people to get together with friends and neighbours to host a memorable street party.

And to encourage people to take part, councillors have decided that there will be no charge for organising a royal wedding street party - meaning residents can spend that little bit extra on flags, bunting, food and drink. The normal charge would be £93.

As well as waiving the fee, the council has also stripped away all the bureaucracy and red tape for hosting street parties. All the information needed to apply for a road closure and fulfil the legal requirements can be submitted online via a simple application form.

This effortless procedure means there is nothing to stop residents setting up tables and chairs and staging a great neighbourhood get-together to mark this historic occasion.

The happy couple are tying the knot on Saturday, May 19. Across that weekend and for the following bank holiday weekend there will be no council charge to host a street party.

People are being advised though that they need to complete the online questionnaire by a closing date of Monday, April 30.

When Prince William married Kate Middleton in 2011, there were around 70 street parties in Wandsworth and the hope is to either come close to or surpass that number this time.

Residents must bear in mind that there are some streets that cannot be closed for a party. These would include main roads whose closure would create too much congestion in the area, Transport for London controlled red routes, or those which are part of a bus route.

To find out more about street closures and to apply online visit Organisers can also email for advice.

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I meant Prince Harry
Sunil Kumar

7 February 2018

The cost is £93 per street not per household. Simon a lot of immigrants will be working as it is not a public holiday ( a higher proportion than the indigenous population) Just because someone has a non English sounding name doesn’t mean they are not residents here. I suggest you research the Englishness of the Royal Family. You will be surprised.(Saxe Coburg Gotha comes to mind)? WBC has decided on this move as it gives the local economy a boost and the council want to earn brownie points. On that point I wish Prince William and his American fiancée all the best from all the immigrants residing and working hard in Wandsworth. I hope Leader of the Concil Ravi Govindia is invited.
Sunil Kumar

7 February 2018

Stefano - I take it your not from this country then. People are not interested in your negativity. Wandsworth has plenty of money as a borough and so do many of the residents, some more than they know why to do with

5 February 2018

Am I reading this correctly?? Council has agreed to waive a 93 (ninety-three!) £ (per person, household?) fee, for something as unnecessary as a celebrating a royal wedding, so that residents can spend more and buy more flags? Is this how the money coming from selling off council properties to developers is spent? Shame on you Wandsworth.
Stefano Camperi

2 February 2018