Council rejects “inappropriate” plans for Putney’s Leveller’s Court

Published: Friday 26th January 18

Councillors on Wandsworth’s planning committee have rejected controversial plans for a large housing and retail development in the heart of Putney town centre.

Councillors last night threw out the application for an L-shaped development site fronting both Putney High Street and Putney Bridge Road known locally as Leveller’s Court.

They were unhappy that the scheme would reduce the amount of existing retail and business space and would include a ten storey building and 115 flats without adequate benefits for the community.

They concluded that the plans would be “an inappropriate form of development…. unduly dominant and detrimental to the streetscape”.

Planning committee chairman Cllr Will Sweet said: “This was not a well designed scheme and would not have sat well in the town centre. It would have had a detrimental effect on the high street and its appearance and there were simply not enough pros to overcome the many cons associated with this application.”

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Well done to the committee. We don't need any more "luxury" developments in Putney. Or one more coffee chain shop! They are changing the landscape completely. They have no character whatsoever, they all look like wrapping boxes! They are posh housing estates with a very expensive price tag that no one can afford anyway!
Francesca Galante

30 January 2018

the hypocrasy and rubbish this council comes out with! this is not beneficial? but ramming more flats into the b&q and homebase sites is ok? this despite no support at all for the development.. how many brown envelopes have been passed into govindas hands.. OUT I SAY.

29 January 2018