Plans to replace thriving business space near Wandsworth Common with housing are rejected

Published: Friday 26th January 18

Plans to replace valuable employment space on an industrial estate overlooking Wandsworth Common with housing has been rejected by the council’s planning committee

Developers had wanted to replace the existing business units in Jaggard Way with 86 new homes in four new buildings ranging in height from four storeys to six.

Although the application also included some space for light industrial use, it would have been significantly less than is currently available.

Planning chairman Cllr Will Sweet said: “The proposed housing blocks would have had an unacceptable impact on the character of the surrounding area and would have looked completely out of place at this sensitive location.

“In addition the scheme would have resulted in the loss of valuable employment space for some thriving local businesses. We were not prepared to approve this.”

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Totally unsuitable development for the site and dreadful for the houses backing onto it. Inappropriate, so pleased our excellent counsellors were able to stop this.
Carol Fox

26 January 2018