Good progress in ‘The Greener Borough’s’ street tree planting programme

Published: Wednesday 17th January 18

Wandsworth Council is now roughly halfway through this winter’s programme of planting new street trees across the borough.

This winter 664 trees are being planted in Wandsworth’s residential streets, housing estates and parks.

This includes more than 500 street trees – ensuring that residential parts of the Brighter Borough remain green and leafy.

At least 500 more will also be planted in residential areas next winter – making a projected total of more than 1,150 new trees over the two planting seasons.

Cllr Cook helps plant a new street tree in an earlier planting season

The council looks after more than 60,000 in its parks, commons and open spaces while around 15,000 already grow in streets and on housing estates.

Species being planted include London plane, cherry, lime, pear, crab apple, rowan, oak, hazel, whitebeam, maple, hornbeam and birch.

Each of the 20 council wards in Wandsworth are getting new trees this winter, with the biggest number earmarked for Furzedown ward (57) followed by Southfields (53) Wandsworth Common (49), Tooting (49) West Putney (47) and West Hill (42).

Some will be planted as replacements for trees that have died recently leaving spaces where they have had to be removed.

Chief parks office Jerry Birtles said: “This is quite a far reaching programme that will enable us over the course of two winters to plant trees where they’ve been lost in previous years but also in some places that have not benefited before from having a street tree.

“Sadly trees do die or become unsafe from time to time for a variety of reasons and while most people would like us to plant replacements immediately this is not normally possible because you have to allow time for old roots to rot away so that there is space for a new tree to grow in that space.

“However over the course of this winter and next most of the pits that are currently vacant will have new trees planted.”

The council’s environment spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook added: “This is a major step up in tree planting activity and will ensure that Wandsworth’s streets remain amongst the greenest in London.
This programme builds on the town hall’s long standing policy of promoting greenery in residential areas.

“By this time next year the number of street trees in our borough will have risen to around 16,000. As well as making our residential areas look much more attractive, they will also offer great habitats for birds, bees and other forms of wildlife.

“Many of our street trees are monitored by local tree wardens. Wandsworth was one of the first urban councils in the country to establish a network of wardens – members of the public who act as the eyes and ears of the town hall by keeping a close watch on the health and well-being of trees in their neighbourhood.

“Wandsworth already has a well deserved reputation for being one of London’s greenest boroughs. Planting this many new trees demonstrates our commitment to making our borough an even better place to live.”

People who are interested in becoming a tree warden can email

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Recent comments

Good article and nice to hear there is a borough wide programme. We have a new tree (cherry) outside 49 Girdwood and would like to take an interest in its wellbeing. Are there watering or feeding instructions on the Council website and if not could you please advise what we could do. We do not want to undo the excellent work of the Council. Rgds Ross
Ross Angus

8 July 2018

Worth visiting - a lovely celebration of the Life and Death of Chestnut Avenue. On till 3rd Feb - Moyser Road, Furzedown.
Andrew Thompson

27 January 2018

The same recycled picture of Cllr Cook. This picture is at least four years old from the WBC spin machine. The'Chopper' of Chestnut Avenue needs all the positive PR his self promotional mistruths can muster. The truth always catches up with lies and we've had some whoppers from him. It will be interesting to see if he survives the local elections. Hopefully Shaftesbury ward voters can see through this narcissist and deliver the bloody nose he deserves.

27 January 2018

I was delighted to see that 3 new trees had been planted in Delia Street. They make a huge difference to the appearance of an area, and how people feel about living in it. It is great to see that at least one council has recognised the benefits of a greener environment. Thank you Wandsworth Council.
Jenny Wilson

22 January 2018

Three new trees have been planted on my road - absolutely brilliant. Thank you!!!

22 January 2018

Yes please, more trees in cities is a good idea. But some people only seem to see the negatives. Trees do absorb pollution and are environmentally friendly whereas people are not - they are the polluters. Help save the planet and plant a tree if you can. Many of my neighbours have removed theirs from their gardens simply because they grow too tall or take up too much space or they need the space for car parking - they are so shortsighted and selfish. I don't see many trees on roads in my area, Tooting, so more would be welcome.

20 January 2018

Trees. The best traffic calming idea. When is Tooting going to be be pedestranised like Mitcham? Let buses and elecric cars through of course. But cars are just anti-tree, human killers, pollution and illness devices. We are I believe going to live in the greenest, brightest, mayoral home borough. Wandsworth could have more trees on top of buildings, like in New York.
Ed Jason

20 January 2018

Looking at the photo, that tree would have little chance of a good survival, such a small hole no sign of any method of watering or feeding it, would be interesting to see the state of it now, to see if it has rooted well or not, if the roots are starting to push the pavement and blocks up or not and if there are suckers growing, Bad drainage, too little water, poor soil preparation all increase the chances of weak trees liable to diseases and insect damage, seems this council is not proactive in its spending prefers to react and chop them down later.
Trevor Hutton

20 January 2018

A win win position for the council. More trees = Good public reaction More trees = Less Parking space Less Parking space = More Parking tickets More Parking tickets = More revenue for WBC. Forthcoming elections?????

19 January 2018

The Greener Borough which destroyed the trees on Chestnut Avenue and declines to publish any evidence that these trees were diseased. Please take better care of the street trees and plant s many as you can.

19 January 2018

LIZ- you ask “ Why more dam(sic) trees?” Have you read the article in full? We should definitely not be stripping back on trees to allow for more cars it to prevent accidents. While accidents aren’t to be trivialised in any way, I suggest that vehicles and anti-social are far more of a threat to our wellbeing. Nor should tree roots being uprooted be the end of trees on a borough. Especially in a large city where we need all the greenery, oxygen, and natural environment we can get.

19 January 2018

Strathblaine & Sangora roads seem to be completely ignored - no trees & terrible road surfaces. Why is this?
James Marsh

19 January 2018

Lovely to have more trees. This helps combat pollution
A Jackson

19 January 2018

Why more dam trees. You expect us to dump our cars and walk - but the pavements are unsafe - caused by tree roots growing up towards the sky and hopefully water. The number of Wandsworth folk I know of who have had falls - most recent - one in Magdalen Road - ended up in St Thomas Hospital - another along Fieldview broke her wrist - luckily for Wandsworth neither of these 2 litigious. I fell in Vicarage Crescent 4 months back at the entrance to Battersea Village car park - have torn rotator (spell check doesn't like my spelling) cuff and bicep - because of our rip off service charges I'd like to make it the responsibility of our managing agents though (have resident witness).
Liz D

19 January 2018