First new sites in massive council housebuilding programme announced

Published: Wednesday 17th January 18

The first phase of one of the biggest council house building programmes in the country has been announced, with hundreds of new homes proposed at discounted rates to rent and buy for people who live or work in the borough.

Cllr Clare Salier & Cllr Ravi Govindia at Deeley Road site of new council homes

The £150million Building Homes for Wandsworth People was launched last year, to build 1,000 new homes, 60.5% of which will be made available at discounted rates.

The programme will enable people who live or work in Wandsworth to rent or homes at rates which are more affordable. Rented council homes will be available starting at 35% of market rents while shared ownership housing will help people get on the property ladder for a fraction of the deposit that they would normally need.

A report to the council’s Executive on 22 January recommends that more detailed studies with resident consultation begin later in the year at the first sites in the programme:

  • Kersfield Estate – potential for up to 33 council homes through extensions to blocks and at a site fronting Lytton Grove
  • Randall Close Day Centre - this facility is being relocated to expanded, improved premises in East Hill, which could enable approximately up to 40 council homes to be built on the site
  • Westbridge Road car park - all current car parking provision to be maintained during and after development with potential for up to 57 council homes
  • Former Patmore Day Centre - this disused facility has been closed for some years, and has the potential to provide up to 62 council homes
  • Eastwood North Estate - replacement for outdated clubroom with opportunity for up to 22 additional council homes
  • Eastwood South Estate - replacement for outdated clubroom with opportunity for additional up to 33 homes
  • The Platt – potential for a total of up to 14 council homes built across two sites of old garages, with parking spaces to be reprovided nearby
  • Putney Vale – unused, overgrown land to the rear of a block on Stroud Crescent by the cemetery and school with the potential for up to 12 council homes
  • Badric Court – making use of undercrofts beneath the block could provide up to six council homes
  • Ashburton South Estate – potential for up to 29 council homes on top of existing blocks

Council tenants living nearby and under-occupying their existing homes would be given the opportunity to ‘downsize’ into the newly-built council housing if they wish to, with priority also given to overcrowded households.

With shared ownership, buyers only pay a deposit on the value of the percentage being bought, so a 5% deposit on a 25% share works out as a 1.25% deposit on the total property value. Shared ownership can also work out cheaper than renting privately.

Last year 90% of shared ownership homes in Wandsworth were bought by people living or working in the borough, with Wandsworth Council one of only a few local authorities to prioritise in this way.

Innovative ways of delivering this include providing new homes on top of existing blocks, which not only replaces old roofs at no cost to residents, but can also reduce service charge by spreading it among a greater number of households.     

The homes for market sale will also be targeted at people who live or work in the borough, with the revenue reinvested in building more homes for local people at discounted rates.

Improvements to neighbouring roads, pavements and open spaces are also included, similar to works undertaken at the Putney Vale Estate, so that local people benefit from development where they live.

The report also states that Building Homes for Wandsworth People has the support of the Greater London Authority (GLA).

Cllr Ravi Govindia, Leader of Wandsworth Council, said: “I am not prepared to allow a situation where residents’ sons and daughters are priced out of renting or buying a home in their borough, as well as other working households vital to the local economy and to local services.

“Building Homes for Wandsworth People is delivering 60.5% as council housing and shared ownership, exceeding targets set by the Mayor of London and the GLA who support our plans.”

If you live or work in Wandsworth, register to get local priority for new low cost homes at: or email or contact (020) 8871 6161. 

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Builders working on council homes in Stewarts Road

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As a leaseholder of a top floor flat i was dismayed to find out what was planned fort my flat by reading this. You would think that seeing as we pay for so much they would have more consideration. I have just forked out £12k for major works and now I may have to endure flats being built above me and my flat devalued If you need more flats why did you sellnoff all your land? Why are you making people on the Alton estate homeless? Why not just buy flats as they come on the market. This is outrageous and you will have a fight on your hands

20 January 2018

Will priority be given to those who have been waiting in homeless temporary accommodation for years?

19 January 2018

thats a lot of community and family friendly clubrooms you have run down over the years so you can knock them down, also what about the roehampton regen you are removing carparks in a allready oversubcribed parking area thats crying out for permits! remove a carpark for 20 cars and build 12 houses with no parking, this is a future bomb waiting to go off, also why are you not buying the leases on your old propertys back? because leaseholders are great cash cows eh!

18 January 2018

As a leaseholder on the Eastwood South Estate, I have had prior notification of plans to build new homes on the estate. However, when I tried to access the link provided in the letter I could not gain access. As an interested party, living in a flat next to the existing clubhouse, I would most definitely wish to see what is being proposed. Can you assist. With many thanks.
Madeleine Ball

17 January 2018