People urged to take part in Mayor’s new emission zone consultation

Published: Friday 5th January 18

Wandsworth residents are being urged to have their say on the Mayor of London’s plans to expand the capital’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) to the South Circular.

Extending the scheme to cover the South Circular (A205) would cut Wandsworth in half meaning that any resident or business driving inside the zone would be required to meet the latest exhaust emission standards or pay a daily charge.

The Mayor wants to make the change in 2021 meaning it would affect anyone driving a car, van or motorcycle within a zone whose southernmost boundary was marked by the Upper Richmond Road, Wandsworth High Street, East Hill, Wandsworth Common Northside, Battersea Rise, The Avenue Clapham Common West Side and Clapham Common Southside.

The proposed new ULEZ and its tariffs for vehicles not meeting emissions standards

Anyone driving north of these roads would need to comply with the new ULEZ regulations. The northern boundary of the ULEZ would be the North Circular Road.

The Mayor also wants to tighten the rules of the existing London-wide Low Emission Zone from 2020, which affects heavy vehicles – buses, coaches and HGVs and other heavy specialist vehicles.

To take part in the online consultation people are being urged to visit the TfL website. The closing date for comments is February 28.

The council’s environment and transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “It’s important that people take part in this consultation and make sure their voices are heard as these proposals could have quite far reaching consequences for local residents and businesses.

“We are broadly supportive of expanding the ULEZ zone as it is clear that London’s air quality needs to improve which is why we ourselves have done so much to help address this issue locally, with a wide range of local initiatives.

“However we are concerned about how local communities living close to the ULEZ border will be affected and we need to see concrete ideas from the Mayor on how their interests will be protected.

“The new scheme boundary will divide Wandsworth in two and could cause adverse effects on traffic levels, pollution, parking pressures and motoring costs for households and businesses on either side of the new boundary.

“Our residents and businesses need to see clear mitigation plans to stop rat running and also be told how the money raised through the new tariffs will be used to support them adapt their transport habits. We want assurances this money will be used to prevent hardship caused by these new rules, not prop up other mayoral funding priorities.

“We have also asked for detailed traffic modelling to show the effects on different parts of the borough, as well as modelling based on alternative scheme boundaries. This is a major change and we need to know if the South and North Circular are the best places for the new border.”

Wandsworth Council is playing its part in helping improve local air quality levels. These initiatives include:

  • A ban on day-time deliveries on Putney High Street.
  • A rolling programme of environmental theatre productions in local schools to teach children how their travel choices affect air quality.
  • Helping schools develop ‘school travel plans’ which reduce the number of cars used on the school run through initiatives like 'walking buses' and car pools.
  • Providing free vehicle emission checks in public places like supermarket car parks. Championing car clubs which dramatically reduce total vehicle use and take older, more polluting cars off the road. Wandsworth now has the highest car club membership in London.
  • Promoting cycling and investing in the borough’s cycle network. Wandsworth now has the fastest growing cycle rate in the country according to Government statistics.
  • Free bike safety lessons for children and adults to give more residents the confidence and skills they need to start cycling.
  • 'Dr Bike' cycle surgeries promote cycling and teach residents basic maintenance skills.
  • Electric vehicle charging points are being installed in key locations which enable residents to switch over to low emission electric vehicles.
  • A free airTEXT messaging service warns residents when high pollution levels are forecast.
  • The council promotes walking through a range of public health campaigns and smarter travel awareness schemes.
  • Making the boroughs more pedestrian friendly including projects in Clapham Junction, Southfields, Putney and Earlsfield.
  • Lobbying for higher capacity rail, bus, riverbus and tube services so more residents can switch from cars to public transport.
  • The council's Smarter Driving campaign encourages drivers to take simple steps to reduce their emissions, like inflating tires.

For more information on local air quality, visit

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Recent comments

I am really looking forward to the expansion of the ULEZ to the South circular. Less traffic during the day will make it easie for our kids as streets will be much less noisy and definitely make it easier at night to sleep - and we do have double glazing too.
Silvia Oliveras

6 February 2018

This is outrageous and a money making scheme! Many of us have to drive to work due to trains going on strike and bus journeys taking a long time. Large trucks eg cement trucks need to be regulated and made to pay due to the vast amount they release. Councils need to look at better traffic management as Richard Hayes, from the Institute of Highway Engineers mentioned when speaking about box junction fines to The Evening Standard and BBC News in October 2016 "Something is definitely wrong. Should there be a lot of infringement, then I think there is something wrong with the installation. The situation isn't the box junction - it's the traffic flow ahead of the box junction that is causing the problem."

28 January 2018

M Coales (and others with similar comments) - PLEASE make this known to the mayor. I have been making this point in all the consultations so far which have covered the expanded ULEZ (this is in fact the third) but TfL has *never* even acknowledged it. Note that I am not against the principle of an emissions charge, I am just completely against *this* one because it is unfair, targets the wrong users (low mileage users of older cars rather than high mileage users of *all* cars) and actually won't solve the problem as there is no incentive whatsoever for high mileage users of newer cars to drive and pollute less, whilst disproportionately hitting low mileage drivers of older cars, especially residents and those who live near the boundary.

13 January 2018

This would penalise locals just outside the proposed expanded zone - visiting friends in the evening, shopping by car because food shopping is heavy, taking stuff for recycling at Smugglers Way, taking the shortest way to destinations around London so as to save time and fuel. It would be unfair in that a half mile journey would cost as much as one all the way from South London to North London. The proposed charge is also excessive and would bear most heavily on people with old cheap cars who can't afford to buy a super-clean new one. If anything like this is to be done it should proportionate to distance, and give concessions to those just outside the zone.
M Coales

13 January 2018

Extending ULEZ to Putney High Street, as well as Upper and Lower Richmond Road makes total sense. Perhaps locally the council could introduce the same type of distinction for its Parking Permits?

12 January 2018

Make it as widespread as possible. London’s air is filthy and hospitals are full. Surely leading healthier lives by walking, cycling & breathing cleaner air will help solve both problems. Fifty percent of vehicles really don’t need to be on London’s roads especially the supermarket run when studies show that most people do more shops frequently if not daily rather than once a week/fortnight. The large Sainsbury’s & Waitrose carparks in Balham is a large contributor to the bad air quality and traffic in Balham High Rd & surrounds. The geographic location of so many supermarkets so close together means that car use to & from them is not essential & more convenience than anything else.
Gill Allen

11 January 2018

The biggest polluters on our roads are secondary diesel engines (for example refrigeration units, cement truck secondary engines etc), at present these diesel emissions are totally unregulated. Diesel cars are only responsible for about 7% of diesel emissions, why is no one regulating these secondary diesel engines that are responsible for much greater levels of pollution?

9 January 2018

what a load of tosh. th congestion charging is just another tax on the poor! the same way 25p on coffee cups wont make them suddenly recyclable stealth taxing people to drive does not ease pollution. just a tax, soon enough driving will become a pasttime of the rich only thats how they want it, peasants can get the bus same bus and taxis that create the majority of pollution, old cars! rubbish again there is hardly any really bad polluting old cars anymore, and those tht do exist live in warm garages and are used rarly for shows etc. its a tax people! wakey wakey, these mps in the commons are robbing us blind daily while lining there own pockets, time to finish what guy fawkes started, this country needs a revolution!

8 January 2018

My second comment does not seem to have appeared? It pointed out there is NO "sunset period" when charges for residents temporarily don't apply and NO residents discount at all for those who live within the zone (even only just). Residents in the zone will have to pay £12.50 a day from day 1 even if all they use their car for is to drive a few hundred metres out of the zone. This really needs to be challenged and the Mayor needs to find a much fairer way of making sure those who live just inside or outside the zone don't get unfairly penalised for driving very few miles that do not significantly add to the pollution problem at all, whereas others who drive newer cars can drive and pollute as much as they like without paying a penny.

8 January 2018

The issue I have is not with the principle of the expanded ULEZ but the ridiculous £12.50 *a day* charge even if you only drive half a mile in the zone. It is going to crucify owners of older vehicles living around the edge of the zone (who are likely to be from lower income groups who cannot afford to buy a new car) but it will not stop drivers of newer cars driving unlimited miles in the zone and polluting much more scot free. The charge needs to be *per mile* otherwise it is extremely unfair and does not even tackle the actual problem which is too many *vehicle miles* driven in ALL vehicles. And yet again cab drivers are exempt, due to their lobbying power. Please tell the Mayor to start again with a better and fairer proposal than this.

8 January 2018

Given the problems in Putney and Wandsworth one way then the emission zone has to cover those, even if that means I have to pay for a vehicle crossing the south circular
Ian Reid

6 January 2018

If you look at the list there is nothing substantial on it, it’s just the usual Council ‘tinkering’ and while they all should be done it doesn’t address the council introducing more parking at the town hall, pedestrianising the one way system thru the middle of the borough, all the additional parking at the new developments nor the ‘cannionisation of the high street trapping the pollution firmly in areas of multiple pedestrian usage. All in all one star for effort, zero stars for action.
William Serpliss

6 January 2018

In view of all of the important and worthwhile efforts and schemes put in place by the Wandsworth Council, it is my opinion that this proposal to extend the emission tone to the South Circular, may be premature. It would be better to closely monitor the effects of the Wandworth Council's schemes, closely, and then make a judgement as to whether they are effective enough.
Richard Creber

6 January 2018

This is the most out of touch proposal I have ever heard. Mr Khan has lost the plot with this and his other proposals such as reducing police numbers whilst crime especially in Wandsworth rockets. Time to vote him out next year or we won’t be able to drive around london as this is a 7 day a week charge

6 January 2018

All very well doing this, but the newest and bigger pollutants are the wood burning stoves. Also pushing the boundary out to the more residential parts of London will just push those offending vehicles and their pollution out to those areas. While you are at it expand it upto and including the M25.

6 January 2018

The council proposes more walking - such a shame it does nothing about the unsafe conditions of Wandsworth pavements - with tree roots making all pavements unsafe to walk along.
Liz D

6 January 2018

How about doing something about the 170 bus - which has not run from Battersea Bridge to Clapham Junction - along its normal route - Battersea Church St, Battersea Sq, Vicarage Crescent, Lombard Road - for several weeks. Although the reverse of that journey is still running. On contacting TFL - all they can twit on about are the diversions along the embankment - not answer my question. I heard that new busses which had been built would not fit under west bound Wandsworth Railway Bridge. I also see the 170 bus running empty along Battersea Bridge Rd, Battersea Park Road.
Elizabeth Denton

6 January 2018

Never has the saying 'our mayors a noddy' been more true.
Liz D

6 January 2018

The mayor's proposals have very little to do with reducing pollution and are a blatant attempt to extort money from users of motorised vehicles. Those people who take rubbish to Smugglers way will have to pay a charge and this will lead to more fly tipping in the outer parts of the borough. There are numerous other practical difficulties. If the mayor's ill judged and poorly thought out proposals are implemented the impacts will be realised very quickly and will result in higher costs for local councils who will have to clear up the problems encountered.
L D Cruz

5 January 2018

This is yet another tax on the less well off as they are unlikely to be able to afford new cars... I would have thought a Labour mayor would be more in touch with whom the real losers of this scheme would be but then again...

5 January 2018

This is yet another tax on the less well off as they are unlikely to be able to afford new cars... I would have thought a Labour mayor would be more in touch with whom the real losers of this scheme would be but then again...

5 January 2018

This doesn't mention the effect on those of us who actually live in the proposed expanded area.

5 January 2018

This idiot is trying to destroy London and we all know why. Its a shame there isn't any Londoners left to have made sure he wasn't voted into that position in the first place.

5 January 2018