Wandsworth sets ambitious goal to deliver electric vehicle charging points in all residential streets

Published: Friday 10th November 17

Councillors in Wandsworth are expected to back ambitious plans for a major expansion of electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the Brighter Borough.

Many charging points are already, or soon will be, operational. Here Cllr Cook charges up a vehicle in Clonmore Street with Source London MD Christophe Arnaud.

Councillors on the community services scrutiny committee are likely to approve proposals that could see at least one charging point introduced in every residential street in Wandsworth.

And taking it a step further, town hall officials will also be tasked with exploring the cost and logistics involved in providing an electric vehicle charging plug in every lamppost in residential streets.

Wandsworth currently has 35 charging points in 11 locations across the borough – and there are existing plans to install another 50 in 20 further locations by the turn of the year.

This is already helping to make owning and running an electric car a much more attractive and viable option for many Wandsworth residents.

But with growing concerns over air quality coupled with the recent Government announcement that petrol and diesel vehicles will no longer be offered for sale from 2040 onwards and banned from the roads by 2050, the council’s transport and environment spokesman says now is the time to act to embrace e-motoring.

Cllr Jonathan Cook said he hopes Wandsworth becomes one of the UK’s leading supporters of e-motoring.

He added: “The future of motoring is electric. The Government has announced that in 20 years time petrol and diesel vehicles will no longer be sold in the UK. This means that councils need to start planning ahead now to make sure we deliver the infrastructure to keep people moving and give people as much choice as possible. Nowhere is this more relevant than here in inner London where air quality is a real concern.

“Providing as many charging points as possible is the key. We need to made the best use of existing infrastructure and make it as easy and as convenient as we can so that people are encouraged to switch to electric. But we don’t want to wait 20 years. We want to support this revolution now so that we can begin to cut harmful emissions, reduce pollution and improve the quality of the air we breathe.

“We’ve already done a lot to tackle pollution in Wandsworth but we want to do more by supporting this new globally important technology and delivering the improvements in air quality that are so badly needed.”

Councillor Cook added he was keen to hear the views of the borough’s residents. “This is a conversation that all local authorities will need to have with their local communities, particularly in cities. We want to be at the forefront of those discussions,” he said.  

And he insisted that delivering significant numbers of new charging points would be a major boost to the Mayor of London’s air quality strategy.

He concluded: “This is a bold policy initiative we hope the Mayor will support. He has just introduced a T-Charge for older vehicles entering the congestion zone and has also just announced proposals to extend the ULEZ zone to cover all areas of London within the North and South Circular Roads in 2019.

“Helping to fund a dramatic and radical advance in e-motoring infrastructure is precisely the sort of project that the Mayor could support with some of the extra revenue he is now beginning to receive from these new charges.

“Our plan would help him achieve his goal of curbing air pollution and encourage some of the more heavily polluting vehicles off the roads once and for all.”

Councillors on the scrutiny committee are expected to back a recommendation that instructs the Director of Environment and Community Services to “develop this emerging and ambitious strategy yet further, by examining the technical and financial potential to deliver a network of such significant scale and coverage that it might cover all residential streets of the borough and would very likely positively influence behaviour change in terms of resident and business decisions on vehicle ownership.”

The committee will meet to discuss the initiative on Wednesday, November 15.

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Recent comments

The source charge points are unslightly and prohibitively expensive. The lamppost technology uses the surplus energy that is there now the lamp post bulbs have been switched. The cost of installation is small. Switch them all and make charging cheap/free. Its working in so many other surrounding boroughs. We would be an EV in a heartbeat if we could charge it near our home.

26 February 2018

I would quite like to buy an electric car but am alarmed by the colossal depreciation in value. I suspect the true cost of running an electric car is huge. Just look at Autotrader for the price of second hand Nissan leafs.

4 February 2018

This is a great idea and would encourage more people to buy electric vehicles if they could charge their car on the street they live rather than having to leave the car charging overnight in an inconvenient location. However, if the Council are really trying to increase the numbers of EVs for better air quality, additional incentives are also needed from the Council, perhaps a large discount on residents parking for an EV?
Harry Sevier

23 November 2017

Another option for the location of electric charging points is over time to have at least two at every petrol station as the basic infrastructure and space is already there.After all this is where we are all currently going for fuel.Not sure placing charging points on lamp posts is a good idea as this means losing yet more parking spaces. It is obviously early days for the technology - we are currently at the 'Model T Ford' stage with regard to electric vehicles and prices and running costs will gradually come down over time.The big advance will be when we can fully charge a car up in the same time as it currently takes to fill a tankful of petrol (i.e just a few minutes) but this is some years off.
Christian Walton

15 November 2017

'Councillor Cook added he was keen to hear the views of the borough’s residents'. I notice Cllr Cook is keen to hear but as usual he will not listen or take any notice and do what ever suits him totally ignoring what residents want. Judging by his Shaftesbury 'Lets Shout' meeting he and his fellow cabinet members have reached new heights of arrogance.

13 November 2017

more pandering to the minority at wbc, it about looking good and being seen to be doing the right thing the reality is you may wanna sort out the current parking issues or total lack of parking spaces in the borough, and then there is the badly pot holed roads all round the borough, by march most roads will be so bad that the 10 mph limit will be imposed by car oners to restrict the damage, its like downtown new Delhi, then the broken pavements etc. you really need to get the prioritys correct

13 November 2017

Fantastic visionary thinking. Well Done Wandsworth!
Andy Mutter

11 November 2017

Residents have enough trouble parking already. New high-rise buildings are sprouting up everywhere, with no incorporated parking facilities and no right to resident parking. However, outside the limited hours/days of controlled resident parking these new residents and their friends/families will use parking bays paid for by residents. Not only have spaces we residents pay for been taken over by car-clubs but now we are going to lose even more for charging points. Question - how many days would it take me to drive to Aberdeen in an electric car, factoring in time for re-charging en route?? Another totally rubbish idea.
S Campbell

11 November 2017

We all want cleaner air however the installation of these charging points at the present time is more about Wandsworth Council making profit than about improving the environment. My husband would love to buy an electric car, but the cost of CHARGING the car (not buying it but CHARGING it) at the electric charge points makes it prohibitive. I wonder how much the council gets for each charging point installed? At the moment all I see are scarce residential parking spaces being taken over for electric vehicles yet no one is charging their vehicles because there are virtually no electric cars in Wandsworth and there never will be if the Council insists on profiteering from this cleaner air alternative. I'm so angry about this!

10 November 2017

Please can we make sure that the charging points do not restrict pavements. The ones at the back of Clapham Junction Station in Grant Road make the pavement so narrow it is almost impossible to pass another pedestrian. I feel sorry for wheelchair users or those who are blind or partially sighted.
Jane Eades

10 November 2017

Ridiculous idea as usual from this Council of silly ideas. It's not for over 20 years that much will change. Hardly anyone has an electric car now and virtually none of the charging points near where I live are visibly used. The idea of having one on every lamppost is absurd as it will greatly diminish parking spaces for residents let alone anyone else. Knock down the lampposts I say.

10 November 2017

How many cars can charge from one point? Perhaps we are only to be allowed one hybrid/electric car per street.
Tom Leeks

10 November 2017

I'm actually deaf - so not very happy about these noiseless cars. The same about cyclists - it should be law they have bells - luckily in my cycling days I knew I had to look rather than hear - . Yesterday crossing the road from a 'pedestrian refuge' in Vicarage Crescent (near where the crash was 2 days back) - a car stopped to let me over - saw nothing was cycling kerbside - but surprise surprise on the other side of the car was a motorcyclist - luckily I looked - and taught him new English. Might take a trot down to the Townhall - I think it was last year they talked of a fleet of new cars - lets see what us council Tax payers have bought for them now. It would make editing easier if we could see our whole comment.
Liz D

10 November 2017

You need to make the charges reasonable, at 7kwh the Source London chargers cost 30.85p per kwh, compared to 11.74p with my domestic tariff. They are almost as expensive as running on petrol! This smacks of profiteering; one would think that Source London would be able to secure a more favourable rate than domestic customers.
Steven Wood

10 November 2017

We want to buy an electric car but there are no charging points near us. Originally I read that one was planned for Titchwell Road but it doesn't seem to be happening any more. We live in Loxley Road. Please help?
Anna Corcoran

10 November 2017

Bite the bullet and install points on every lampost. It's the future and essential in streets where houses have no drive ways. However if the cost of the electric supplied is as ridiculously expensive as the present 'Source London' charging stations then people will continue to use petrol and diesel. Wandsworth should lead by example not just by installing the points but making the cost of the LX resonable.

10 November 2017