More than 1,000 new trees to be planted in ‘The Greener Borough’

Published: Friday 10th November 17

Residential streets in the Brighter Borough are to become even more green and leafy with the planting of more than 1,150 new trees in the coming months.

Cllr Cook helps out at a previous tr--planting programme last year

This winter 677 new trees will be planted in streets, parks and housing estates. Of this total 512 will be planted in residential areas. At least 500 more street trees will be planted next year.

The council looks after more than 60,000 trees in its parks, commons and open spaces while around 16,000 grow in streets and on housing estates. 

By this time next year the number of street trees will have risen to nearer 17,000.

Species being planted this winter and next include London plane, cherry, lime, pear, crab apple, rowan, oak, hazel, whitebeam, maple, hornbeam and birch.

The current programme builds on the town hall’s long standing policy of promoting greenery in residential areas.

Many street trees are monitored by local tree wardens. Wandsworth was one of the first urban councils in the country to establish a network of wardens – ordinary members of the public who act as the eyes and ears of the town hall by keeping a close watch on the health and well-being of trees in their neighbourhood.

Environment spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “We are seeing a big expansion in tree planting across the whole borough. Many residential areas will benefit from this welcome extra greenery.

“As well as making our residential areas look much more attractive, the trees will also offer great habitats for birds, bees and other forms of wildlife.

“Wandsworth already has a well deserved reputation for being one of London’s greenest boroughs. Planting this many new trees demonstrates our commitment to making our borough an even better place to live.”

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Recent comments

Please plant trees on Wandsworth high street and ram street. It would really benefit and they are noticeable in their total absence.
Zoe Henley

29 April 2018

Missing a tree in Ellerton Road just on left as you turn in from Magdalen Road Also one missing in Frewin on left as you turn in from Ellerton Road
Janie Herrtage

24 November 2017

I am unclear on the cycle lane strategy in Wandsworth as planting trees by the side of the road suggests we are doomed to be poisoned by car fumes in Wandsworth as these trees prevent a future that makes cycling safe in the borough and gives pedestrians more separation from speeding cars. But it is good to see Cllr "Chopper" Cook digging for victory in his baggy demob suit and building up a good photo stock for his re-election pamphlets.
Paul C

13 November 2017

An admirable policy but why on earth plant lime trees? The sticky sap they produce is terrible and, with so few car wash facilities remaining in Wandsworth, lime trees should not be included!
Matthew Kaye

13 November 2017

I was horrified watching the mature apple tree in the Chatham Estate,being cut down,why?? It was beautiful and I have lived with its seasons of leaf ,blossom and fruit for years,now just buildings to look out on.Greener Borough we’ll see!
Diana James

11 November 2017

The more trees the better, but please take care where you plant them, as raised tree roots cause serious accidents. Perhaps a few more in Battersea Park, and something on Nine Elms which is a forest of depressing high rise blocks. And repairs, please, to the holes left by raised roots.
susan lofthouse

10 November 2017

Trees listed only London Plane, Hazel, Whitebeam and Hornbeam are disease free, The council fails to address root damage to pavements, corrected if root directors are used with proper maintenance,lacking currently need regular watering and maintained,. good examples they should investigate these links. together with a deep root watering system I would request the council to ensure monies spent on these trees is researched properly to ensure their future on our streets is assured.

10 November 2017

I just hope that some of trees will provide real fruits rather than just being decorative - thanks

10 November 2017

Is this the same council that oversaw the chopping down of Tooting common's chestnut avenue? Is this the same Cllr Cook who refuses to listen to local people's views. An old picture recycled for convenience, the Wandsworth spin machine is working overtime once more on our 'dear' deputy leaders behalf following more of his mistruths.

10 November 2017

We don't want roadside trees - the roots come up for water when there isn't much rain - making pavements hazardous. Unless of course the council is happy to pay residents for falls caused by tree roots making pavements unstable. Put the trees in the parks where we can actually appreciate them.
Liz D

10 November 2017

There are many holes in Earlsfield pavements where trees have died/been removed. The holes are often uneven and promises that they will be checked and made safe have not been kept. Crab apple fruits have not been swept off pavements during street cleaning and have made some pavements very messy.
Celia Blair

10 November 2017

I welcome the additional trees planned for the borough but how will you ensure this does not lead to an increase in subsidence issues in residential streets? A tree on our street has recently been removed because of the subsidence it was causing to a neighbour's house.

10 November 2017

Could you please plant some trees in Nine Elms Lane and Battersea Park Road.

10 November 2017