Still time to comment on proposed new cycle quietway

Published: Friday 3rd November 17

The deadline to comment on proposals for another cycle quietway through the borough is November 13.

Quietways are being promoted across the capital by Transport for London which wants to create a network of quieter and less busy backstreet routes that inexperienced and less confident cyclists would be happier using.

In some cases only new signs and limited road markings are necessary to create quietways, but sometimes more extensive changes need to be made to roads.

Following consultation last year, work is progressing on two quietways, Q4 from Clapham Common to Wimbledon and Q5 from Waterloo to Norbury. The proposed new quietway would link Q4 in Wandsworth Common with Teddington via Richmond Park.

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Recent comments

I welcome these proposals as someone who regularly commutes between Wandsworth and Twickenham. The south circular can be dangerous & intimidating and very polluted for cyclists at peak times.
Phil Smith

7 November 2017

I would like to see more options to go away from London on a bike. At the moment i travel to Feltham weekly and I am forced to pass through busy rods along Plough lane or Dunsford Rd. Another option would be welcomes and it would give more people to the chance to explore the river/Richmond park by connecting Wandsworth to Teddington without the nutty South Circular route as many do so often
sam leonard

4 November 2017

I strongly support this London. Safer cycling is gaining real momentum in London, to the great benefit of our overall health and air quality. Let's keep it going!
Paul Ekins

4 November 2017

Expand cycle routes in Wandsworth Common especially for a north-south path as currently only an east-west shared path exists. Make cyclists feel welcome in our parks and not exclude them by putting up ‘no cycling’ signs up everywhere. In time, with education, shared paths do work but more dedicated cycle paths are needed everywhere. We are a polluted yet flat city with an increasing unhealthy & unfit population with epidemic numbers of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression & mental health related illnesses at great cost to the NHS and the well-being & happiness of society as a whole.
Gill Allen

4 November 2017

I am all for it! I regularly cycle from Tooting to Richmond park and would welcome a quieter route with less traffic and pollution
Robert Kennedy

3 November 2017

Just keep them off our pavements and control their speed. Insist on friendly bells, lights and good manners.
Jane Heany

3 November 2017

Introducing 2-way traffic (for cyclists) in Roehampton High St can only be achieved safely by removing most of the parking spaces. This will displace the parking to Putney Heath, Dover House and Telegraph Rd where it will interfere with the free movement of buses and ultimately lead to further parking restrictions. So not a good idea. Has this unintended but obvious consequence been taken into consideration. Why can't cyclists continue to use Medfield St towards Roehampton Lane. I speak as a cyclist, car driver and bus user.

3 November 2017

New cycle quiet way, seems a good idea however I think there should be a reassurance that the barrier to stop motor vehicles on Danebury Avenue will remain in place.
George Hebborn

3 November 2017

I look forward to cycling along the new route - lets hope its as quiet as they say

3 November 2017

I am strongly in favour of this scheme. Air pollution in the borough is a major ongoing health crisis. Reducing car travel is essential. The way forward is via more cycle travel and hence cycle routes. I would hope that car parking on the route is eliminated to give more safe space for cycling. Be bold!
Jerome Gauntlett

3 November 2017