Tooting business fined following CCTV footage

Published: Wednesday 1st November 17

A business in Tooting has been handed a large fine following footage found on CCTV showing them flytipping several times in the same location.

The business, which cannot be named as they wish to discharge their liability by accepting a fine, was caught flytipping trade waste such as black sacks, large amounts of cardboard and various packaging.

Footage found on the camera led Wandsworth Council’s enforcement team to a local business around the corner from the flytip spot.  After gathering sufficient evidence, the team approached the business and brought them in for a formal interview under caution.

During this interview, the Tooting business owner admitted their wrong doing and accepted a fine of £3,100, made up of seven £400 FPNs for fly tipping and one £300 FPN for failing to produce trade waste documents.

Enforcement officer, Jeanette Mahoney said, “With help from footage found on our CCTV cameras, we were able to identify this local business, present indisputable evidence and issue them with a large fine.  As with all of our investigations, we had to follow the correct legal process which takes time but it was a success in the end.

We rely on intelligence provided by local people and CCTV is an excellent tool to assist our investigations.  If you have information about a flytip by a business or a resident, please do get in touch in confidence.” 

All businesses are responsible for ensuring that they manage their waste responsibly to comply with the law.  Businesses must ensure that they have a licenced waste carrier to collect their waste.

A resident was also fined for flytipping in the same spot just over a month ago

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Thanks for the wonderful job done. It is perfect that you don't mention the name of the offender but it will be useful to know the location - such as street name - as this will enable us to watch and report more of similar offences
Roger Selvakumar

4 November 2017

Excellent work Wandsworth. Hit these immoral scumbags where it hurts.

3 November 2017

Why the hell does 'accepting a fine' give a law-breaking business anonymity? Where is that written in law? Absolute joke! Name and Shame!
Ian MacLeod

1 November 2017