Spread of charging points across Wandsworth makes e-motoring the smart option

Published: Friday 27th October 17

Drivers in Wandsworth who want to play a part in improving air quality can choose to ‘go electric’ now that the borough is home to 35 more charging points at 11 new sites.

Providing easily accessible charging equipment makes it easier for car owners to switch to e-motoring.

And by the end of this year the plan is to install at least another 50 charging points at 20 additional locations, subject to local consultation. This will make owning and running an electric car a much more attractive and viable option for thousands more Wandsworth residents.

The charging points each have their own parking space and can only be used by electric vehicles whilst being charged. Non-electric vehicles should not use them and face being issued with a ticket if they do.

The 35 new charging points are at these locations.

• Brudenell Road, Tooting (3)
• Haldane Place, Earlsfield (5)
• Openview, Earlsfield (3)
• Prince of Wales Drive, Battersea (3)
• Rectory Lane, Tooting (3)
• Bramfield Road, Battersea (2)
• Clonmore Street, Southfields (3)
• Coverton Road, Tooting (2)
• Grant Road, Battersea (5)
• Sistova Road, Balham (3)
• St John’s Avenue, Putney (3)

These latest power points have been installed as part of the council’s partnership with Source London and also with electricity company SSE Enterprise.

Customers who wish to use the new charging points will need to register with Source London. The new charge points can be reserved up to 40 minutes in advance. Fees and details of how to reserve a space can be found on Source London’s FAQ page.

A number of other private companies have provided publically accessible charging points within Wandsworth and across the capital. These locations can be found online.

For more information about electric vehicle ownership in the borough visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk/driveelectric

You can help to improve the quality of air where you live or work by becoming an Air Quality Champion.

To find out more about how the council is working to improve local air quality visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk/airquality

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Recent comments

In other London Boroughs you don't have to pay to park when charging. Why does Wandsworth charge? I rarely use them as I'm effectively paying twice. The take up rate would be much greater if you followed the example of Westminster etc.
Guy Mattinson

13 November 2017

We may welcome the charging points but why give more obstacles for pedestrians by placing them on pavements? I pity anyone who is disabled trying to navigate Grant Road at the back of Clapham Junction Station. Between the charging points, the Boris bike stands, the lamp posts, the parking meters how much more is going to be put on the pavement.

27 October 2017

More white elephant chargers that won't be used due to the excessive pricing set by Source London. Why would people switch to electric cars when it's more than double the price to charge as it is to fill up with petrol? Someone has seen "Free chargers for the council"! and hasn't done the figures to see if they will be actually used.
James White

27 October 2017

How are Health & Safety going to deal with the power lines from electric point to car - saw some one the other day charging their car in Chelsea from their home - just wait for the claims from folk tripping over the hoses. Perhaps if there weren't so many drivers sitting with their 'engines idling' we wouldn't have such pollution. Vicarage Crescent - daily they sit with engines running going nowhere. Did a 40 minute journey - walking (there & back) same van still there with engine running. Noticed in Chelsea also - sign on lamp posts between Royal Hospital Rd & Kings Road - NO IDLING ENGINES - FINE £40 - but then saw drivers engines idling - completely ignoring signs - traffic wardens - get your cameras out and issue tickets.
Liz D

27 October 2017