Spread of charging points makes e-motoring a smart option in Wandsworth

Published: Friday 22nd September 17

Wandsworth is embracing the electric vehicle revolution by installing another 35 charging points at 11 new sites across the borough.

Work to install the charging equipment at these 11 locations has just been completed making it easier for car owners to make the switch to e-motoring.

Cllr Cook charges up a vehicle in Clonmore Street with Source London MD Christophe Arnaud

And by the end of this year they are scheduled to be joined by at least another 50 charging points at 20 additional locations, subject to local consultation. This will make owning and running an electric car a much more attractive and viable option for thousands more Wandsworth residents.

The charging points each have their own parking space and can only be used by electric vehicles whilst being charged. Non-electric vehicles should not use them and face being issued with a ticket if they do.

Environment spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “We are making it easier for our residents to switch to more environmentally friendly motoring. We are providing the infrastructure that’s needed to make owning an electric vehicle a viable option.

Maps showing where the new charging points are located

“Within a few months there will be more than 100 charging points across the borough and we are looking beyond this to extend the infrastructure even further. This is the future of motoring and we intend to play our part in making it happen.”

This latest installations are at these locations - with the number of charging points shown in brackets.

  • Brudenell Road, Tooting (3)
  • Haldane Place, Earlsfield (5)
  • Openview, Earlsfield (3)
  • Prince of Wales Drive, Battersea (3)
  • Rectory Lane, Tooting (3)
  • Bramfield Road, Battersea (2)
  • Clonmore Street, Southfields (3)
  • Coverton Road, Tooting (2)
  • Grant Road, Battersea (5)
  • Sistova Road, Balham (3)
  • St John’s Avenue, Putney (3)

These latest power points have been installed as part of the council’s partnership with Source London and also with electricity company SSE Enterprise.

Customers who wish to use the new charging points will need to register with Source London. The new charge points can be reserved up to 40 minutes in advance. Fees and details of how to reserve a space can be found on Source London’s FAQ page.

A number of other companies have provided publically accessible charging points within Wandsworth and across the capital. These locations can be found online.

For more information about electric vehicle ownership in the borough visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk/driveelectric

Encouraging drivers to switch to electric could have a major impact in improving air quality. It’s just one of a range of measures the council is pursuing to improve the air we breathe. Others include: 

  • Lobbying City Hall for an outright ban on all diesel buses along Putney High Street and a ban on day-time deliveries on Putney High Street.
  • Championing car clubs which dramatically reduce total vehicle use and take older, more polluting cars off the road. Wandsworth now has the highest car club membership in London.
  • Introducing 20mph zones to calm traffic and encourage more cycling and walking.
  • Promoting cycling and investing in the borough’s cycle network. Wandsworth now has the fastest growing cycling rate in the country according to Government statistics.
  • Free bike safety lessons for children and adults to give more residents the confidence and skills they need to start cycling.
  • Lobbying for higher capacity rail, bus, riverbus and tube services so more residents can switch from cars to public transport.
  • Helping schools develop School Travel Plans which reduce the number of cars used on the school run through initiatives like 'walking buses' and car pools.
  • A free airTEXT messaging service warns residents when high pollution levels are forecast.
  • Making the borough more pedestrian friendly including projects in Clapham Junction, Southfields, Putney and Earlsfield.
  • The council's Smarter Driving campaign encourages drivers to take simple steps to reduce their emissions, like making sure tyres are correctly inflated.
  • A rolling programme of environmental theatre productions in local schools to teach children how their travel choices affect air quality

You can help to improve the quality of air where you live or work by becoming an Air Quality Champion.

To find out more about how the council is working to improve local air quality visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk/airquality.

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Recent comments

So let me get this right... there are these electric vehicle only bays all over Wandsworth where only electric cars can be parked ... but the post where you charge your car is covered in a plastic bag so IT CAN'T BE USED!!! can someone tell me who can actually park there... electric vehicles but they cant charge.. ridiculous .. If you want an example I just went by the ones on Poutney Road off Lavender Hill.
James Carter

30 November 2017

more worthless stealing of our car parking spaces. Charging points are not the answer. uniform battery design and charging stations are the answer. get dyson to design the look, BP to provide the infrastructure and tesla to design the batteries, oh yes and the motor manufacturers to design the batteries into their car designs

25 September 2017

What happens when there is a local/national power cut?? Just spoken to workmen in my road putting electric meters in. Repeated the conversation of one of you posters - re electric cars using the spaces for free 24/7 parking. They seemed to think it shouldn't happen - and went on to say the 5 spaces are to be used as hire car spaces - like the Boris bikes - we can take them out and use for £48 a year. Briefly thought of getting rid of my car - seemed a good idea - until one isn't there when I need one - or no space to return it to - and will the car take me to Eastbourne & back. Very polite workmen - but came from the coast - do we have no Wandsworth workmen capable of doing the job??

24 September 2017

Banning diesel buses in Putney High Street - didn't the council do that - swapping the Putney diesel buses with Tooting non diesel buses - meaning Tooting folk now have more polluted roads. Could with a day time delivery ban on most Wandsworth Roads - Upper & Lower Richmond Road - the ends near Putney High Street are always congested because of delivery vans. Any chance of making a new law for pedestrians ? - 'Crossing our roads without due care & attention' - the reason I gave up cycling (and pot holes) because I never knew when they were going to pop out from behind buses etc.

24 September 2017

I have seen electric cars parked in these parking bays without charging. It seems the bays will be used for free parking - an attractive proposition. Equally, I have seen cars attached to the parking hose and left in the bay for a full working day - again free parking! What will be done to rectify this?
Naomi Elia

23 September 2017

A bike hire rack & 5 electric points in Vicarage Crescent - taking away 15 car park spaces - not much space left for residents to park. Over the road a 37 storey building of flats with limited parking - and Lombard Road 'one lane' either way - so no parking there. Lost count of how many times I said that space - by Wandsworth Railway Bridge would have been more use to the community as a railway station. Mind the parked traffic in Vicarage Crescent is very often vans & and school run mums with engines 'idling' so as not to pay parking.

23 September 2017

By the look of it readers comments not being printed - have made 3 attempts - must show how popular these electric points are (not).
Liz D

23 September 2017

Customers who wish to use the new charging points will need to register with Source London This disciminates against the rest of the country. I am a regular visitor to this area with my PHEV but can't access your charging point so have to run it throughout London on petrol. Londoners visiting Newcastle or the north can access our charging points but not vice versa. Same with congestion charge - london gets more public funding per capita than any other region but continues to discriminate against the North. We will remember.
Joe Mallon

22 September 2017

This is a drop in the ocean compared to the total number of cars registered in the Borough. I for one would not dream of owning an electric car if my nearest charging site is the best part of a mile away from where I live and only has three points anyway. I agree that car clubs and better public transport would help, yet bus services are being curtailed. The 137 now terminates in the relative middle of nowhere just short of Marble Arch instead of Oxford Circus. You now have to change. I fully expect the 87 to go the same way with the temporary early termination becoming permanent as with the 137. This means stopping again in the relative middle of nowhere on Whitehall rather than Aldwych.
Martyr Hill

22 September 2017

Wandsworth Council's choice of EV charge provider is worse than providing no charging points. Source for London's RIP OFF pricing of 72p per KWh plus a monthly subscription. Question...how much is commission is the Council earning.
Andrew Kin

22 September 2017

So the Council will be making money renting parking space to the car charging companies. Here in Waldron road we are losing parking spAce yet again. We are already inundated with people parking freely after 11.30. Businesses who get free parking for the cars they service. All who work at the old police station, workers from the school opposite us.. Why can,t we have parking meters to maKe things fair. Of course this is without the junk shop on the corner who parks his vans with the back open all day and puts. "Broken down" in his windscreen for the parking hour. Then shoots off to collect or deliver. He Never seems to get a parking ticket....why not? Ok my gripe for the day....ongoing Ann Johnston. Waldron Road.
Ann johnston

22 September 2017

Some have just appeared in our road which is already frequently used by non residents as we have only an hourly weekday restriction. This will put more strain on current parking for residents and we were not consulted by the council. Not sure how they managed to just go ahead but other people should be wary of similar situations if they already have parking issues in their road. I'm all for electric vehicles but they should increase existing parking restrictions first so local residents struggle to park in their own road. For example only locate them in roads where there is already 6 day a week all day restrictions. Simple solution really if they had only "consulted" us?!!!
Simon Liddle

22 September 2017

I hope they will be sited with more considerations for pedestrians than those at the back of Clapham Junction Station in Grant Road. There are now so many obstacles, making the pavement a narrow slalom course, that I feel incredibly sorry for those in wheelchairs or who have poor vision. Time that Wandsworth Council stopped patting themselves on the back and started thinking of ALL residents, not just the privileged few.
Jane Eades

22 September 2017