Councillors oppose opening up Thessaly Road

Published: Friday 22nd September 17

Councillors have unanimously backed local objections to plans to open up the northern end of Thessaly Road in Battersea to traffic.

TfL have propose to extend the route of the P5 bus to Battersea Power Station. This would mean opening up Thessaly Road to buses and cyclists. Currently it is closed to all traffic. 

Back in July Wandsworth Council leader Ravi Govindia raised concerns about the possible impact on residents of the Savona, Patmore and Carey Gardens Estates and urged local people to have their say in TfL’s consultation exercise. The council has already developed its own proposals for improving Thessaly Road that will make it better for cyclists and pedestrians whilst keeping it closed to traffic. 

The proposed new route of the P5

Cllr Govindia said:  “Nine Elms will need to be served by more buses in future but we do not know how London’s local bus services will evolve over the next few years or exactly how the regeneration will affect travel patterns and demand.  There is no need to be boxed in by a specific route proposal that is not demonstrated as the best option, could not be delivered for several years anyway and risks reducing the quality of service to existing communities.”

The council had already opposed the proposals in its response to TfL’s consultation by the August 20 deadline, pending the issue being formally debated by members of this week’s Community Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee in response to a petition from local people.  The committee voted to formally endorse the council’s opposition to TfL’s proposal. 

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I am assuming this is designed to increase the usefulness of the P5 route. That being the reason, I wouldn't object to the road opening, but the road leading upto the proposed opening is very narrow and crowded. The area supports parking for many tradespeople from the local construction sites such as the power-station and Covent Garden and others. Simply removing free parking places when the area needs more until the construction is finished will make those construction sites delayed and unfinished. WBC needs to plan for temporary infrastructure and well as long term solutions. A free multistory car-park for registered trades people would be a start.

25 September 2017

Has consideration been given to a "Bus only" gateway. I don't know the proper name for this system. But there is something of the sort on the C3 route where it passes under Imperial Wharf station. There is a gate vaguely similar to a railway level crossing which (as I understand it) only opens for buses.
Richard H

24 September 2017

Sorry for the folk in Thessaly Road - but the last thing Wandsworth Council cares about are their Full Council Tax paying residents.
Liz D

23 September 2017

I don't see any point on extending the P5 bus route. We need a direct bus to Central London from Nine Elms Lane; at the moment we need to change in Vauxhall Station, which could delay to journey dramatically.

22 September 2017