Cleaning streets with Wandsworth sweepers

Published: Thursday 21st September 17

Sweeper Operative Kenneth Chambers has been keeping Battersea’s streets clean for nearly 20 years – and says he is incredibly proud to do his job.

Kenneth is one of 91 street cleaners who are out seven days a week with the aim of keeping our streets amongst the cleanest in London.

Sweeper Operative, Kenneth Chambers

Kenneth explains, “I am proud of what I do because I live in the area too so it’s important for me to keep my streets clean.

“Residents know me in the area and I often receive positive feedback from local people.”

Starting at 6am, Kenneth begins his day by arranging his sweeping materials for the day which include a cart, waste bags and a broom.

Once Kenneth gathers his materials he sets off doing a loop around Battersea focusing on the residential streets off St. John’s Hill.

When Kenneth’s cart is full, he bags up the litter in a green waste bag ready for collection by one his team driving a waste van.

The street cleaning team work together, both cleaning the streets and collecting flytips.

They work seven days a week in rotating shifts which ensures that there is always a team out cleaning the streets.

The team spend their shifts cleaning six miles of streets daily with main town centres being cleaned up to five times a day.

How you can help keep Wandsworth Clean

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Billy Greece (Contracted Landscapes) is the regular street cleaner for the end of Wakehurst Road with Clapham Common West Side. He is fantastic and does an immaculate cleaning job. He is such a pleasant chap and always has a cheerful outlook. This particular area is always heavy with leaves from the Common and he sweeps till it’s completely cleared of leaves and rubbish. Thanks from residents of Wakehurst Road.
Denise Breen

30 January 2018

Wish we had cleaners like that in our street, someone came round and tried to remove all the weeds that had grown and then left them all on the pavement and in the kerbs. Looks worse than when they started, if it rains hard drains will be blocked. Don't necessarily think it is the cleaners fault as they don't seem to have the right equipment for the street as they normally clean the flats.
Jean Figg

26 September 2017

We badly need a Kenneth in Wimbledon Parkside to keep the litter at bay. Now we have no litter bins near the bus stops there is untold rubbish left around those areas. Bring back the rubbish bins please
Bridget Conigliaro

24 September 2017

Street cleaners have an incredibly important job. A littered street makes us depressed and can affect us all day. A clean street lifts the spirits! We have 2 schools near us and, unfortunately, when schools finish there is always a lot of litter. I just wish our streets could be kept clean: Surrey Lane, through to Granfield Street - and particularly the alley that leads to Battersea High Street. Also, few if any bins on Surrey Lane!
Antoinette Reboul

22 September 2017

Just wonder why litter bins seem to be disappearing from the streets?
Harvey Ward

22 September 2017

A very good idea. Please could we have someone like Kenneth down our road (Wimbledon Park Road) and around the middle of Southfields at the main intersection/bus stops? Litter around there is bad.
Peter Wakefield

22 September 2017