‘Shiver me timbers’ – them pirates have set sail for Earlsfield

Published: Tuesday 19th September 17

A fearsome looking pirate ship - The Golden Ghost - is fast approaching Earlsfield.

But tremble ye not landlubbers – for this galleon doesn’t sail the seven seas – but it will instead soon be the centrepiece of the new-look Swaby Gardens playground.

The Golden Ghost - bless all who sail in her 

The playground is undergoing a £163,000 makeover with works set to start next Monday (September 25).

The replica pirate vessel, complete with ropes, nets, slides and a lookout tower, is being installed along with a number of other improvements voted for by local residents.

While The Golden Ghost is being anchored in its new berth and the other upgrades are being carried out parents and children can use the nearby playground at Garratt Green in Siward Road. Across Wandsworth as a whole there are more than 200 playgrounds and play areas in parks, commons and housing estates.

The funding for the Swaby Gardens improvements comes from the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy or NCIL - a tax the council raises on development sites to pay for new or upgraded community facilities in the surrounding area.

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Good timing - this was announced on International Talk Like A Pirate day (19th September every year). Arrrrr!
Mark Lumley

21 September 2017

In the picture it looks as if all of the children playing on it are boys? How much research did WBC do? Did they ask a truly representative sample of local children what they wanted?
Celia Blair

19 September 2017