£5m upgrade for Brighter Borough roads and pavements

Published: Friday 8th September 17

Road users and pedestrians across Wandsworth will see improvements to road surfaces and footpaths as part of the council’s ongoing £5m neighbourhood investment programme currently underway.

In the 12 months leading up to April 2018, dozens of residential roads across the borough will be completely resurfaced to ensure safer journeys for cyclists and motorists.

A sum of £3m has been set aside for this resurfacing work and will see nearly 40 important and busy local roads given a facelift.

This includes additional extra money on top of the borough’s pothole repair budget which for this current financial year stands at over £1.5m.

Since April 2012 the council has invested £3.4m fixing potholes and keeping the more than 230 miles of road surface the council is responsible for maintaining in a good state of repair. Over this time period nearly 35,000 potholes have been fixed.

Keeping pavements and footpaths in good order is also a council priority. Last year the council spent £1m relaying pavements and this year this amount is being doubled to £2m, which will fund the renewal of entire pavements in more than 30 local residential roads.

In addition to new pavements another 150 street trees will be planted in residential areas this year. There are around 16,000 street trees in the borough of Wandsworth.

A further £340,000 has been received in the form of a grant from Transport for London which will be used to fund road resurfacing in Garratt Lane and Falcon Road.

Transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “We know that our residents take great pride in the borough which is why we put this amount of resource into these road and pavement upgrades.

“Dealing with worn out road surfaces, repairing potholes and renewing pavements makes travel in all its forms safer for residents across the board whether they are walking, riding or driving.

“It is through the council’s prudent management of its finances that we are able to find this money and keep our borough’s streets and pavements looking good.”

Residents can report potholes or broken pavements via www.wandsworth.gov.uk/potholes or by emailing onstreetservices@wandsworth.gov.uk.

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Recent comments

Hello, When are the road resurfacing works for Falcon Road scheduled to take place? Also, will the walkways be resurfaced also? Kind regards, Stephan
Stephan Kofler

31 December 2017

Garrett lane especially at the Wandsworth end is a disgrace . It is by far the worst stretch of road I cycle down and it is only a matter of time before it causes a serious accident. I definitely know when I enter the area managed by Wandsworth as the road conditions worsen
Peter Noble

21 September 2017

I would like for our road to have upgraded phones line or cables so we can have faster internet it has been to0 many years that our area Balham, Tooting some roads just can not get the internet upgrade we need, my road is Manville road and I don't get why this has not been upgraded and yet you want upgrade pavements?

11 September 2017

i live at 6 RUSHAM RD -since living in the road i have made several phone calls about the terrible condition of the pavements on both sides . Please can you confirm whether Rusham road is to have new pavements laid in the near future ? Many Thanks Catherine Vickery
catherine vickery

11 September 2017

Great news - can you start by improving road markings outside Chestnut Grove school - in dire need - safety of schoolchildren should not be compromised. An immmediate start would show commitment and competence.
James Armstrong

10 September 2017

WBC has underinvested in its highways infrastructure; and, is often forced to catch up as a consequnce of bad weather, impending council elections (2018) and due to a one off windfall in funding from section 106 funds and or community infrastructure levies. The fact remains that the underlying level of council tax levied and government funding cuts imply that a proper planned programme of works that keeps on top of the highways asset base is lacking (wear and tear and depreciation). Its better to put in place a higher council tax that propely funds highways infrstructure. If you want properly maintained streets look to RBKC across the thames.
Kaleem Mirza

10 September 2017

I am a fan of our trees and am pleased with the way there is a management programme to prune them and replace those which have to be cut down.
steve bassnett

10 September 2017

Great idea. A LOT OF DANGEROUS ROOTS OUTSIDE Whitecliff House

9 September 2017

The lower streets of Wandsworth Common ward on the cusp of Earlsfield ward are littered with dead trees or spaces where some have been removed but not yet replaced. I know of at least 6 in local streets. If they were better managed this wouldn't be necessary.
Celia Blair

8 September 2017

this is great news, especially for Garrett lane thats shocking in places

8 September 2017

Great news aslett street roads and pavements very dangerous nice to get residential roads and pavements done as council tax payer in Wandsworth for 40years council estates pavements resurfaced first why is this. Please also change aslett street one way or sign for no lorries as always getting stuck and very close parked cars as road bends in front of school and they then have to reverse! Also roads filthy and pavements where people dump have asked for signs and/or cc to to catch people. Thank you hope comments get acted upon. Look forward new pavements roads

8 September 2017

Good news at last. I fell because of uneven pavements in Vicarage Crescent on Wednesday 6/9/2017 at 6.30 pm. Luckily a neighbour and others witnessed my fall. Have heard of a few having bad falls recently - one broke her wrist - another ended up in St Thomas Hospital. Such a shame with all this new building of homes - that the quality of roads isn't brought up to 2017. Still the same one lane either way road where I live despite the million + new homes built over the years.
Liz D

8 September 2017

I live at 292 Queenstown Road in the Basement Flat. I have fallen twice since I came here and broke both arms and I now never go out with a stick. I wrote to the council but they never replied. A while ago they resurfaced the road but it is back to almost the same state as it was when I fell. Also the pavement outside my house is subsiding - some patching-up work was done but it is now showing signs of subsiding again. I hope the work you are carrying out now will be of a higher standard that that which was done previously on my little stretch of highway.
Jane Heany

8 September 2017

I wish the money was going to children's services and that money could be dedicated to that as easily as it is dedicated to potholes and pavements.
Maureen Cooper

8 September 2017

As someone who tripped in one of those potholes, and broke an arm and a tooth, I am delighted, as will be many others. Uneven pavements, chipped kerbs, potholes, pavements raised by tree roots - there's a lot of work out there. The remedial works cannot come soon enough.
susan lofthouse

8 September 2017

Great News. Can we PLEASE have small trees or more and lots of greeenery on the High Street to soak up the Pollution.
Mary Brehony

8 September 2017

Additional funds should be diverted to tree replacement, 150 is simply insufficient. My understanding from correspondence with the relevant department is that there is a list in order of which trees will be replaced however on my street (Simpson St) a tree was felled by the council and has Ben left as a stump for over twelve months, including over the last winter when it could have been replaced. It was not 'high enough up the list'. All street trees identified during a given year as requiring replacement should be, not just the first 150!

8 September 2017

Good news about the funds, but the Council doesn't always deal with the most dangerous areas. The narrow pavement along Merton Rd from Granville Rd to Longfield St. has been dangerous (and has been reported) for years but still nothing has been done. My 84 year old friend recently tripped and was in hospital for several days as a result of his injuries. It really is disgraceful. The Council are lucky he just wants to recover and carry on, rather than sue. Could something please be done. Granville Rd. was in a far better condition, yet has just being resurfaced (including the pavements which weren't bad). Can something please be done to this narrow stretch of pavement along Merton Rd at last - the stretch between Granville and Longfield St?
A. Shaw

8 September 2017

I take it this "improvement" still doesn't include removing the speed bumps on Broomwood road
Ian Davies

8 September 2017

What about the pavement on Putney bridge, are the contractors paying for the repairs . Or is the local council tax payer having to pay???
tom brehony

8 September 2017

Merivale Road's pavements are suffering from tree roots pushing up the paving stones. This makes some areas really hazardous, particularly to the blind or to wheelchair users. We love our trees and don't wish to have them removed, but we would be grateful for some method to be employed to redirect or limit their root systems if possible.
Linda Hudgins

8 September 2017