Flytipping enforcement efforts continue

Published: Wednesday 23rd August 17

The council’s enforcement teams are continuing to crack down on the small minority of people who make a mess on local streets.

In July, enforcement officers issued 263 fines for littering, 8 fines for littering from a vehicle and successfully tracked down and fined 13 flytippers. The team has also taken action against businesses that don’t properly manage their waste and they have issued 84 penalty charge notices to local traders for not complying with the law.

The council spends upwards of £4m a year on keeping the borough’s streets clean and some of this amount relates directly to the cost of picking up waste that people have dumped illegally.

Enforcement Officer

Enforcement officer Rodney Koo said, “We are out every day searching for evidence within flytips to catch those responsible for ruining our borough’s streets. We often speak to local people who feel their area is being disrespected by those who simply dump waste out in public.

“We rely on information from local people to start our investigations. If you have any information that could help us identity or catch a flytipper in the act then please get in touch and we will treat your evidence in strict confidence.”

How you can help keep Wandsworth clean

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Surely it would be better and would save money to have cameras in hot spots. My road is a constant fly tip paradise as it's a dead end and now they even tip in our gardens (Nantes close) . The railway bridge to Usk road is disgusting . There used to be cameras on Nantes close and the anti social behaviour and tipping stopped but now it's started again as the cameras have been removed. Now even the 'rich streets' Podmore road and the like have sofas dumped on them. There are not enough staff in the council to tackle this ever increasing problem.
Helen pinnington

26 September 2017

my street, Holden street, has three permanent flytips. We know who some of the culprits are, but they dont tell us when they are going to dump so we cant collect evidence you can use. is it not possible to leaflet drop, in words that have weight, the houses near dump sites warning of the £400 fine. We are fighting a battle here that only strong action from the council will stop.
battersea resident

6 September 2017

Good work Wandsworth Council. Please keep up the excellent work to hit the littering scum where it hurts - their wallets.

2 September 2017

The littering from KFC customers from vehicles on Mossbury Road just off lavender Hill has been getting out of hand. Is there anyway to keep an eye on this for the community? It's amazing that so much litter is dumped from cars in just one day. it also attracts rodents with all the chicken bones thrown in the street. Please help.

1 September 2017