New drive for more foster carers

Published: Thursday 10th August 17

Wandsworth Council has launched a drive to recruit another 20 foster carers.

Potential carers can find out more about fostering for Wandsworth at an information event at the Town hall on Thursday, September 21.  Call or email now to confirm which of three sessions you would like to attend – 10am-12noon, 2pm-4pm or 6pm-8pm.

Children placed into foster care are of all ages and from all backgrounds, although most of them are teenagers. Foster carers willing to take siblings, older young people and children with special needs into their home are all needed urgently.

Often only a temporary home is needed while problems in the child’s family home, such as health issues, are sorted out. Other children need a home because they have been abused or neglected.

Foster carers can give a child a stable home until they are able to return to their birth parents, or until the right permanent family is found to take care of them for the remainder of their childhood. Good foster carers inevitably form a strong bond with the children in their care, but their real strength is their commitment to preparing each child to move on towards a more positive future.


Foster carer Pauline said for her fostering is about giving back the child/young person’s self confidence and helping them achieve their potential. Her first placement was a nine-month-old baby, who was adopted three years later.

‘She was my first foster child and was my little shining star, so clever and always happy and beaming.  When the time came for her to be adopted I was very sad, but for me it was about preparing her to settle into her new permanent home.  I prepared a large photo album and did lots of life story work to help her in her future journey

“Some placements are easier than others but fostering is never easy – it has its challenges but the rewards are enormous.”

Foster carers do not need to own their own home, but they do need a spare room.  You can be married, in a civil partnership, or single and Wandsworth’s carers come from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Weekly allowances are £196 a week for looking after a 0-10-year-olds and £255 a week for 11–17-year-olds Weekly fees are £170 for looking after 0–10-year-olds and £200 for 11–18-year-olds, making a total weekly payment of £366 and £455 respectively. These rates will also be paid for each additional child looked after, and there will also be an enhanced fee for fostering children and young people requiring intensive support.

Foster carers from other agencies are welcome to attend.

If you do not have a spare room to foster a young person, other options are available to support children and young people in foster care. 

For an immediate one-to-one meeting to fast-track the fostering process, visit, phone (020) 8871 6666 or email

You can also get regular updates on the Fostering for Wandsworth Facebook page.

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