Work schedule revealed for Furzedown improvement scheme

Published: Friday 4th August 17

Plans to revitalise a key neighbourhood in the heart of the Furzedown area of Tooting will begin in October it has been revealed.

The works, which will cost around £300,000, are designed to boost shops and businesses in the shopping parades around the junction of Mitcham Lane and Thrale Road.

The changes were backed in a public consultation held last year

They will make the area more attractive by removing unnecessary street furniture and laying new pavements, while a new granite wall engraved with the  word ‘Furzedown’ and illuminated with architectural lighting plus infrastructure to allow a large Christmas tree to be erected here each festive season will make this key location more of a focal point for the community.

The changes will also see additional parking provision for cyclists and also more short stay parking bays to make it easier for both local shoppers and passing customers. Local businesses will also benefit from extra bays for loading and unloading their goods and products.

Some footpaths will be widened to give pedestrians more room and CCTV cameras will be upgraded to provide greater public reassurance and help deter crime and anti-social behaviour.

And carriageway drainage will be improved to prevent puddles forming and also more serious flooding at this busy transport junction.

Some speed bumps at the junction of Mitcham Lane and Thrale Road will be removed and more street trees planted to make the neighbourhood greener.

Consultation on these proposals took place last year and got an overwhelming green light from local residents and businesses.

Community services spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “These changes should make this part of Furzedown much more attractive and safer for local people. I am delighted this project will be getting underway very soon.”

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The work done in Mitcham Lane does not cover the worst part of this road which is from Kettering st to Fallsbrook rd this must be the worst area,,, I know it is the very end of Wandsworth but do we have to live with this eyesore . .... come on brighter borough finish the job,,,,,,PLEASE,
S joseph

2 February 2018

money should be available to sort pavements in tooting like what they did in Clapham junction [which was not done due to damage done when riots were on] we all pay c/tax so why cant we have a share to make our area nicer

17 August 2017

As welcome as these improvements are - I think more should also be done to improve the look and feel of the shops along Mitcham Lane between Thrale and Eardley Road

7 August 2017

I think we also need seats so that people like myself who have mobility problems can sit down.
Doris Glover

5 August 2017

Live in Furzedown born in Tooting

4 August 2017