Unlicensed nightclub in Balham High Road shut down

Published: Thursday 27th July 17

Joint action by the council and police has led to the closure of an unlicensed nightclub and party venue in Balham High Road that had sparked a flood of complaints from neighbours.

Café Chic at 191 Balham High Road was operating as a late night dance and party venue despite not having a licence to sell alcohol or provide public entertainment.

Now it has been shut down on the orders of magistrates following a joint operation between the police and council.

On Monday the police issued a closure notice which required the premises to close immediately for 48 hours.

And on Tuesday a further application was made to the court which means the premises must remain closed for a further three months. Anyone caught inside the building during that time without reasonable excuse could be sent to prison and/or face an unlimited fine.

The council has contacted the freeholder of the building so they can take steps to ensure the building is secured and safe from intruders.

Community safety spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “The closure of this unlicensed venue will be greeted with a huge sigh relief by neighbours who had to endure unacceptable levels of noise nuisance and disturbance.”  

Residents who are experiencing noise nuisance should call (020) 8871 6127 at the time so that action can be taken. For more information on the types of nuisance the council can help with visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk/noise

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