Funding for neighbourhood schemes

Published: Friday 21st July 17

Another wave of neighbourhood improvement schemes to the tune of almost two million pounds are to go ahead with funding from the Wandworth Local Fund.

New schemes including improvements to parks and play areas, roads and streets and to Earlsfield railway bridge will receive money which flows in from developers as areas are regenerated.

The Wandsworth Local Fund (WLF) is a charge the council makes on developers – usually of new homes -  to pay for the infrastructure needed to support the development, such as new schools, safer roads or improvements to parks.

Residents are encouraged to bring ideas for neighbourhood improvements to their ward councillors, who can then submit the scheme to the council for potential funding.

In the last two years almost £8m has been raised for local neighbourhoods in this way and several projects have gone ahead as a result, including resurfacing roads and pavements in Putney Vale, redesigning Godley Gardens and improving and floodlighting the tennis courts in King George’s Park 

The Wandsworth Local Fund  is also known as the neighbourhood element of the Community Infrastructure Levy (Neighbourhood CIL). CIL is mostly spent on borough-wide, ‘strategic’ projects, but 15 per cent is earmarked for projects which take into account the views of people living in the neighbourhood where new development has been built.

The amount available will vary between different neighbourhoods depending on the amount of development taking place.

The following schemes have been recommended for funding and will start over the coming months: 

  • Improvements to Falcon Park
  • Highway and lighting improvements to Tours Passage
  • Improvements to Chivalry Road and St Mark’s play spaces, Wandsworth Common
  • Money for Battersea Arts Centre
  • More money for the improvements to Leader’s Gardens in Putney.
  • Re-sitting the historic mounting block in Putney Vale Ceremony and renovating the gates.
  • Money for the Wandle Valley Park 
  • Lydden Twilley repaving and resurfacing
  • Improvements to Windmill Gardens play space
  • Cleaning, painting and repairing Earlsfield railway bridge

Other schemes have been put in the ‘pipeline’ for future funding as the amount of levy collected increases, including improvements to Bedford Hill and Bellevue Road in Balham and to Garratt Lane in Wandsworth.

The council’s finance spokesman Cllr Guy Senior said:

“We believe the local people, working alongside their elected local ward councillors, know best what their neighbourhood needs. The WLF means these projects are more likely to get funding, and that some of the millions of pounds being invested in Wandsworth result in real tangible improvements to the people that live in our borough.”

Read the committee paper on wave four funding.

Councillors will shortly be encouraged to bring forward proposals for wave five of funding. Find out more at

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