Refunds on water charges for many council tenants

Published: Monday 17th July 17

Council tenants and former tenants are being reminded that they may be eligible to receive credits to their water accounts.

A court case involving another council and Thames Water found that rather an agent of Thames Water, the other council was actually a ‘water re-seller’ and therefore should have been charged in line with the Water Resale Order 2006.

In light of this case Wandsworth Council reviewed its own contract and found that it was almost identical to the one challenged in court. It has therefore adjusted water charges in line with the court ruling and in many cases council tenants are now due a refund plus interest.

Current tenants have already received a letter and statement showing the credit made to the account, and a large number of refunds are now complete.

Former tenant accounts have now also been calculated and applications for refunds are being accepted. For details of how to apply for a refund, visit the council website

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