Battersea Park Road flytipper fined

Published: Monday 17th July 17

A local resident has been fined following the discovery of a flytip on Battersea Park Road.

A pile of waste including large cardboard boxes and household waste was found by a local business owner on Battersea Park Road. 

Evidence found within the flytip led Wandsworth Council’s enforcement officers to a residential property just yards away.  

The council’s spokesman for environment Jonathan Cook says, “This is great example of how we are working together with the community to secure evidence to catch flytippers.

With the help from a local business owner, our enforcement officers were able track down and fine someone who thinks they can get away with spoiling our local environment.”

Flytipping is the illegal dumping of rubbish no matter the size or contents. This includes placing it beside or around street bins, trees and lamposts and leaving out your household waste outside of your collection day.

Resident’s should also be extremely wary of people knocking on their doors unannounced and offering to take away their rubbish.

Cowboy waste contractors often drive around residential areas looking for homes that are being refurbished or cleared. They will approach the owner and offer to take “junk” away for a cut price rate.

But instead of taking it to a proper waste disposal site and paying the appropriate fees, they simply dump it somewhere nearby.

In these cases it is not just the flytipper who is committing a crime – the householder who paid them to take their waste away is also liable under the law.

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Recent comments

In addition to the lack of detail on the fine, why has the offender not been named and shamed exactly? I would certainly like to avoid doing any business with them in future.

24 July 2017

I wonder how much this flytipper was fined? Only a severe penalty would teach these fly tippers a lesson for life.
Lam Tran

21 July 2017