Drop-in session gives advice on avoiding motorbike theft

Published: Friday 14th July 17

Motorcycle and moped owners are urged to get free advice on how to keep their vehicle safe at a fourth drop-in session in Tooting later this month.

The council’s community safety team and the local police will be at the junction of Church Lane and Mitcham Road on July 27 between 3pm and 7pm. They will be chatting to motorcycle owners and giving advice on motorcycle security.

The event is aimed at the owners of any two-wheeled motorised vehicle. It is part of a roadshow programme by community safety officers and the police including events and online advice to try and reduce the amount of thefts. 

There has been a rise in motorcycle thefts in Wandsworth over the past few months, but there are simple steps owners can take to avoid becoming a victim, including fitting alarms, locks and trackers and property-marking their vehicle.  

How To Avoid Motorcyle Theft

Where: Junction of Church Lane and Mitcham Road, Tooting

When: Thursday July 27, 3pm-7pm

Advice is also available on the Met Police website.

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Will that advice include instruction on obeying the law and not riding on footpaths?

14 July 2017