Brighter Borough is the ‘Go To’ Borough for UK residents moving to London

Published: Thursday 13th July 17

Wandsworth is the “go to borough” for people moving to London from the rest of the UK, according to new analysis by the Office for National Statistics.

The ONS data on internal migration shows that Wandsworth is the most popular destination for people moving to the capital from the rest of the UK.

Last year the Brighter Borough became home to 13,105 Britons who left other parts of the country to seek their fortunes in London.

Council leader Ravi Govindia said it was “absolutely no surprise” to him that people aspired to live in Wandsworth.

He added: “We have some of the best parks and open spaces, some of the best shopping areas and some of the best transport links. Our schools are excellent too.

“When you combine all these elements and include the fact that our council tax bills are half the London average, then it’s absolutely no surprise that so many people want to make Wandsworth their home.

“The challenge for us is to continue working hard to provide the high quality homes for people on all incomes, alongside all our other services like school places, for a rapidly growing population.”

The ONS figures show neighbouring Merton welcomed 4,319 new residents, while Hammersmith and Fulham attracted 5,644 people, Sutton 3,533, Croydon 5,950 and Westminster 6,349.

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