From potholes to new roads and pavements - upgrade complete at Putney Vale

Published: Monday 10th July 17

A Roehampton housing estate has seen the benefits of development in the borough with new roads, new paving, and pedestrian-friendly dropped kerbs.

Frensham Drive and Stroud Crescent, on the Putney Vale Estate, have been resurfaced by the council along with other improvements, following a request from the residents association.

The £460,000 works were paid for through the Wandsworth Local Fund (WLF), a council grant scheme for new and improved community facilities using funding from private development projects.

The WLF (also known as the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy) is a charge developers pay to the council to fund the infrastructure needed to support new development, such as new or safer roads, park improvements or a new health centre.

Other schemes paid for in this way include: 

  • Swaby Gardens, Earlsfield is now undergoing a £163,000 revamp centred around a new pirate ship playground 
  • At King George’s Park, SW18 £70,000 has been spent resurfacing the junior playground
  • Leaders Gardens in Putney is being upgraded with a new play garden including new paths, logs, stepping stones, natural play features and a bug hotel to make better use of the shaded areas. The Beverley Brook area will have improved paths and new planting
  • £179,800 of funding has been agreed for the junior play area for 8–16 year olds in Garratt Park, SW17

Cllr Guy Senior, executive member for finance and corporate resources, said: “The council collects a levy on private development sites and then puts this into works proposed by local people, known as the Wandsworth Local Fund.

“The Putney Vale Residents Association put forward detailed proposals which we carried out, and their estate now looks one of the best in the borough. It’s important that local communities benefit from all the investment coming in to the borough, and if you want to propose a project, please contact the ward councillor for where you live.”

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meanwhile the massive amounts of potholes broken kerbs and pavements etc in roehampton are ignored! along with the lack of capacity for parking resuting in more damage as people take to the grass areas to park and to walk. im guessing the klg estate is mostly sold off unlike roehampton, that still has a lot of social council housing, so they can be left to live in tired and awful looking areas. although i am gratefull for the 6 great ig potholes you put patches on this week, they where only reported 6 months ago, and will be back as soon as the weather cools, we need some new tarmac and better thought out parking,

11 July 2017

Dear sirs, It has been over three months of us asking to fix the kerb outside 80 Merton Road, as it is dangerous for both, cars and prams - to no avail. Will you please get your act together?
Kirill Anurov

10 July 2017