Have your say on plans for Nine Elms Lane and Battersea Park Road

Published: Tuesday 4th July 17

Transport for London (TfL) has published proposed changes to Nine Elms Lane / Battersea Park Road and residents have until Sunday 20 August to have their say.

An artist's impression of the proposals

This listening exercise is running alongside a linked consultation on proposed changes to the P5 bus route, which includes the opening up of Thessaly Road so buses on this route can travel through.

Wandsworth Council leader Ravi Govindia is encouraging local people to examine the scheme and has raised concerns about some changes to Thessaly Road which could impact residents of the Savona, Patmore and Carey Gardens Estates.

He said: “Our ambition for Nine Elms is to create a safe and inviting street network and clearly this busy red route has to be enhanced if we are going to achieve that aim. But I have serious concerns about the prospect of opening up Thessaly Road to buses. This aspect of the scheme needs to be reconsidered and I encourage local residents to make their views known.

“The wider plans have many very good features which the council has worked with TfL to bring forward. The improvements to the cycling and pedestrian environment would be very welcome changes, as would the new trees and greenery. However, we need to see the traffic flow modelling for key junctions before we can provide a fully informed response.

“Nine Elms will need to be served by more buses in future but we do not know how London’s local bus services will evolve over the next few years or exactly how the regeneration will affect travel patterns and demand.  There is no need to be boxed in by a specific route proposal that is not demonstrated as the best option, could not be delivered for several years anyway and risks reducing the quality of service to existing communities.”

An overview of the proposed changes

TfL are running a number of public exhibitions in the area, where you can view the proposals, speak to members of the project team and ask questions:

  • Life Tabernacle Church, 32 Battersea Park Rd SW11 4HY, Thursday 6 July, 1530-1900
  • New Covent Garden Market, Nine Elms Lane SW8 5BH, Sunday 9 July, 0800-1400
  • Life Tabernacle Church, 32 Battersea Park Rd SW11 4HY, Thursday 20 July, 1530-1900
  • Embassy Gardens, Ambassador Building, New Union Square (adjacent to Waitrose Nine Elms store), 5 Nine Elms Lane SW8 5DA, Wednesday 26 July, 1730-1930
  • Embassy Gardens, Ambassador Building, New Union Square (adjacent to Waitrose Nine Elms store), 5 Nine Elms Lane SW8 5DA, Wednesday 26 July, 1730-1930

The plans will also be on display at the Rose Clubroom, Ascalon Street, Savona Estate, Battersea, SW8 4DL for the duration of the consultation.   

The proposals would be funded by local developer contributions. In total, more than £1bn of new transport and social infrastructure is being delivered across Nine Elms on the South Bank as it transforms from a largely light industrial area into a vibrant new central London district.

These proposals come after TfL and Wandsworth Council confirmed they would install temporary upgrades to cycling and pedestrian infrastructure to protect vulnerable road users during the major development of the area.

To respond to the Nine Elms Lane / Battersea Park Road consultation online, go to tfl.gov.uk/nine-elms-lane

To respond to the P5 extension consultation online, go to tfl.gov.uk/p5-extension

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Recent comments

Can we please have actual SEGREGATED cycle lanes; many of the areas just show paint on the road; this is not safe or good enough. Also, there seems to be a lack of trees and plants in the area and your plans don't really include many new ones; can we try to plant as many as 'logistically' possible.

7 July 2017

I oppose the opening of Thessaly Rd very strongly. The road was closed because a kid was killed and it was an escape route for criminals. Reopening would reintroduce the danger to the primary school kids and the rat run for criminals being chased by police. Noisy mopeds were a menace until the road was closed. Excessive traffic in a residential neighbourhood was eliminated. If it's operated on the basis of dropping bollards for buses, motorists will tailgate buses and go through. We'll have more cars parked on the estate to catch the bus. More pollution and normal s will also result. Nine elms development had the train and other buses. We'll lose the already limited resident parking & green spaces. LEAVE THESSALY ROAD CLOSED!! PLEASE!!
Jenni H

6 July 2017

TFL should try to greener the area as much as possible; however, I don't see many trees in the images; which hopefully won't be a reflection of the final product.

5 July 2017