Public urged to help shape local priorities on cutting crime

Published: Friday 30th June 17

Residents still have time to take part in a public consultation on the borough’s crime reduction priorities as Wandsworth seeks to build on its long-standing record as inner London’s safest borough.

The consultation, which concludes on Monday, July 10, will help shape the work of all the agencies involved in tackling crime and offending in Wandsworth over the next three years.

The views express by local residents and businesses will help the council, police, NHS, probation service and all the other agencies that make up the borough’s Community Safety Partnership get a better understanding of their concerns and priorities when it comes to tackling crime. 

The consultation is being held against a backdrop that shows an overall four per cent fall in violent crime in Wandsworth between April and November last year, cementing the borough’s record as inner London’s safest, despite a recent spate of knife-related incidents. 

However the overall reduction in violent crime has been offset by a sharp rise in vehicle-related offending, especially thefts of mopeds and motorbikes which has contributed to an overall rise in recorded crimes in the borough,.

Areas that have already been identified as keys issues for action include keeping children and young people safe, tackling violence against women and girls, reducing adult offending and re-offending and combatting hate crime, radicalisation and extremism.

Community safety spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “The overall picture does show a continuing downward trend for offences involving violence, which is obviously welcome and builds on the solid work undertaken by the police, council and other partners in recent years to target these types of offences.  

“We have also seen a significant rise in vehicle crime, especially involving stolen mopeds and motorbikes, and in my view that is an area that needs to be looked at in great detail.

“However what’s really important is hearing the views of local people. We need to listen to their concerns and their experiences so that we can draw up an effective series of proposals that addresses these priorities.”

To find out more people can read the Strategic Intelligence Assessment report which looks at recent crime reduction performance and which is summarised in a series of helpful and informative slides. The consultation can be completed online and can be viewed alongside a video which also provides useful background. People who would prefer a paper copy of the consultation document can email or call (020) 8831 6255. 

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Using a mobile whilst driving, as a cyclist I feel very vulnerable to the lack of concentration by drivers in traffic , whilst they text and call. Bellevue road is the worst of all. Unfortunately Wandsworth have the worst police force so nothing will change from this. Useless bunch is an understatement,

8 July 2017

Please can the police regularly patrol outside the Chicken Empire chicken shop on Bedford Hill at school closing times between 330 and 430. Children with green blazers regularly come there after school and go to this shop. The result is littering of bones and boxes on the street and most importantly they are often fighting and it is a matter of time before one of them gets hit by a car. I myself have witnessed many close calls in this respect, it is only a matter of time..
Dave P

7 July 2017

I think knife crime is a very worrying feature of life today. I read that Mr. Lawrence is going to be involved in a task force which I hope will come up with positive solutions to this problem. Youth needs to be engaged in the discussions around this subject especially at a very early age. Talks by ex gang members who have gone straight seems to be a good idea and take them into our schools to chat with pupils.
Bridget Conigliaro

7 July 2017

What is Cllr Jonathan Cook's policy on tackling paedosadist abuse?
robert harbord hamond

7 July 2017

Crime in our area is under reported as residents don't feel anything will be done, Cars, Vans have been broken into, even if reported nothing is done just claim on your insurance here's a police incident number. CCTV is non existent in our area, and Police and the community Safety team almost non existent, neighbourhood watch membership has also dropped off alarmingly very few reports of arrests or charges of criminals, so statistically it is more important to know the real crime numbers and set against those numbers of crimes solved, which seems to be ever decreasing instead of increasing with new technologies to aid the police in capturing these criminals, we need more police on the beat and more support from Wandsworth Council.
Trevor Hutton

4 July 2017

1. Knife crime - more needs to be done to stop gang and knife crime. I worry for my children walking around the area. 2. Rubbish - builders leaving waste all over the pavements constantly - they should be forced to clear up each day but currently this is not enforced in any way. 3. Fly tipping, littering and dog poo - can we get more CCTV in hotspots? 4. Pollution - car engines running outside of family homes/childrens schools by the likes of British Gas - to charge their equipment. Diesel is a killer and we should be doing more to prevent people buying diesel cars - as Merton Council are.
Sharon Griffiths

4 July 2017

i have a idea. why don't we form a group of crime fighters, we could use them to keep us safe, they could be paid out of our tax money, they would be a visible deterrent on our streets, dress them in bright clothing and use bright neon covered cars, we could call them police! we trialed an idea like this for about 160 years up-to around 2005 when they slowly declined from our streets, now you only occasionally see there leftovers hanging around in kebab shops and often collecting revenue for the government from scapegoats like drivers etc. i dunno but i think the idea could work.

3 July 2017