Flytip evidence trail leads to negligent builder

Published: Friday 30th June 17

A builder could be facing the prospect of a big fine following the discovery of a large flytip on Tooting Common.

Flytip on Tooting Common

A huge pile of building materials, rubble and debris was found on the common last month.

Evidence found within the flytip led Wandsworth Council’s parks police units to a residential address across the borough boundary in Streatham.  

A dossier of evidence compiled by the parks police officers has now been given to Lambeth Council which would need to prosecute this particular case.

Although the flytip was discovered in Wandsworth, because the waste originated from an address in Lambeth only that council can prosecute this offence. This is because the actual flyipper cannot be traced but legal action can still be taken against the builder for failing to ensure his waste was properly and lawfully disposed of. And because that specific offence took place within the borough of Lambeth, only Lambeth has the legal powers to bring that case to court.

Wandsworth is now liaising with Lambeth to ensure that now happens and justice can be done.  The maximum penalty that can be imposed by the courts following conviction for this type of serious environmental crime is an unlimited fine.

Residents having work done on their properties should always check with their builders and other contractors how they will be disposing of any waste materials.

They should be extremely wary of people knocking on their doors unannounced and offering to take away their rubbish.

Cowboy waste contractors often drive around residential areas looking for homes that are being refurbished or cleared. They will approach the owner and offer to take “junk” away for a cut price rate.

But instead of taking it to a proper waste disposal site and paying the appropriate fees, they simply dump it somewhere nearby – often in parks or other open spaces – leaving taxpayers to foot the clean-up bill.

In these cases it is not just the flytipper who is committing a crime – the householder who paid them to take their waste away is also liable under the law.

How you can help keep Wandsworth Clean

  • Leave your waste and recycling bags out on the correct day each week. See to check your collection day
  • Show your support on Twitter using the hashtag #KeepWandsworthClean
  • Report flytips on the council website
  • Pass on evidence that could help identify a flytipper in confidence to

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Fly Tipping.?You are a disgrace. Dog fouling , etc etc. Yet through your PATHETIC WEAKNESS you allow this wonderful borough to be sunk under the weight of thousands of ILLEGAL ESTAE AGENT signs. 9o% 0f all signs are there are illegal. Get out of your offices. Look above the shops. Huge Commercial signs hovering over pedestrians. Thousands are spent on lovely new pavements and trees and yet through your weakness you allow our borough to be polluted with this illegal sigh posting. Cook is a disaster. Man up. ban all signs in the Borough now. Richard gaunt.
richard gaunt

3 July 2017

Accomplished thanks to the fantastic sleuthing by our Furzedown Councillor Candida Jones. No mention in the article to the fact that she's the one that went through the dumped rubbish and found various details pointing back to the Homeowner where this builder was working. Amazing work by a local Councillor.
Tahir Sharif

2 July 2017

A new pile of rubbish has been left at the top of Glycena Road on the RHS corner before you reach Lavender Hill: I am tired of phoning the council to report it as I have been doing over the past years! Come and see for yourselves and TAKE ACTION!
Annie Lass

1 July 2017

Linda, you can come and pick up as many as you like from me! I live alone and only use one or two recycling bags a week; but I still get a multi-pack of rolls delivered far more often than I want - even when I try and drop a hint by leaving one semi-permanently sitting on the front steps! At the last count I had over two dozen rolls stashed in the cupboard...

1 July 2017

It was Labour councillor Candida Jones who sifted through this rubbish to find the evidence. There are pictures of her doing this but the press office used one without her in it. Why not credit an opposition councillor in her efforts to keep Furzedown clean?
Suzanne Ellis

30 June 2017

Problems with fly-tipping in Merivale Road, finally resolved by the intervention of Cllr.Rosemary Torrington on our behalf, for which a huge 'thank you' HOWEVER I should like to recycle but having run out of recycling sacks and as prescribed, have requested replacements on the Wandsworth Council's website twice, have finally resorted in going to the Town Hall to collect sacks. I am extremely frustrated that as a recycling person I am not being encouraged by those who should be supporting the scheme. Not always convenient to go to the Town Hall. Please update your systems to enable us to do the right thing! I gather this is a constant problem according to the admin person at the Town Hall.
Linda Hudgins

30 June 2017