Road safety improvements near primary school

Published: Thursday 15th June 17

The council is about to introduce enhanced road safety measures on the approaches to a popular primary school in Southfields.

Work will begin next month to install a new zebra crossing and other speed reducing measures near the entrance to Ronald Ross school in Beaumont Road.

The new zebra crossing will be constructed on top of an existing ‘raised table’ which is designed to reduce vehicle speeds, improve pedestrian access and deter illegal parking.

Raised tables increase visibility for both pedestrians and drivers and also provide step free crossing points for parents with buggies and wheelchair users.

A nearby bus stop will also be relocated slightly further away from the school entrance to reduce the risk of accidents involving vehicles overtaking stationary buses. Another existing raised table will also be moved to ensure vehicles slow down as they approach the newly located bus stop.

Vehicle speeds across the whole of Wandsworth are being reduced with the introduction of a borough-wide 20mph limit which will become fully operational later this month. The area around Ronald Ross school already has a 20 mph limit in place.   

Transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “These measures should make it safer for the children and parents who attend Ronald Ross, especially as many walk to and from school each day. Local residents will also benefit too from slower vehicle speeds in this neighbourhood.”

  • Ronald Ross is an “outstanding” school according to education inspectors from Ofsted.

Its most recent inspection said pupil achievement and the quality of teaching are both “outstanding” and that disabled pupils and those with special educational needs “make excellent progress”.

As well as having “outstanding” leadership, the inspectors concluded that pupil behaviour is “excellent”.

According to the education standards watchdog 92 per cent of Wandsworth’s primary schools are currently classed as either good or outstanding.

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