Wandsworth General Election results 2017

Published: Friday 9th June 17

Yesterday’s General Election saw increased voter turnouts in all three Wandsworth constituencies compared to the 2015 poll.


The Battersea seat was won by Labour’s Marsha De Cordova, with a turnout of 71.2 per cent.


The Putney seat was won by Conservative candidate Justine Greening, with a turnout of 72.3 per cent.


The Tooting seat was won by Labour candidate Rosena Allin-Khan, with a turnout of 74.8 per cent.

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The people of Tooting place great value on St George's University Hospital in their constituency. Their MP, Dr Rosena Allin Khan, was a doctor in A&E there for 10 years before being elected last year. Born and raised in Tooting, she served for several years as a Councillor, and lives in Tooting. Although she served for less than a year as the MP for Tooting before the recent General Election, she sufficiently impressed voters with her grasp of issues, her strong performance as a Parliamentarian, her concern for local issues, her belief in the NHS, her unflagging energy, and her commitment to represent their interests. These are the reasons that Tooting voted for her and that she achieved a whopping 15,000+ majority.
Charles Alexander

13 June 2017

and its over, ever notice the white middle class putney got a white middle class mp, tooting the predominantly asian area got an asian mp, and so on. do people even read policys or is it familiar faces that comfort them?.. anyhow the right team won overall can we get brexit going now!
mike hunt

12 June 2017

AM happy for the borough of Wandsworth for the victory of labor party , because without work not is possible lead ahead the country in right way.
Francesco Parmigiani

10 June 2017

Serves Jane Ellison right. 75% of the Battersea electorate voted to REMAIN in the referendum - and yet she follows government and votes to Brexit. Read 'They work for You' - a political website - where you'll be able to see that Jane Ellison always voted the way of government when there was a vote. Re the lady Anna - who says our Council Taxes will go up - our council is still Conservative Run so council tax should remain the same.

9 June 2017

So, ("We can now look forward to our Council Tax going up! Yippee!") 'Anna' thinks that a change of MPs has a direct impact on council tax ? After 70 years of compulsory free-at-the-point-of-use secondary education, frighteningly, members of the electorate still function at this level of incisiveness ? God help us.
Robin N. Bishop

9 June 2017

We can now look forward to our Council Tax going up! Yippee!

9 June 2017

Good riddance to Jane Ellison. Blindly supported her party's poorly-prepared manifesto, her governments' numerous u-turns and lies and her leader's hard stance on Brexit and general ineptitude. Two peas from the same pod. Also oversaw the fiasco which was the Formula E in Battersea Park and allowed Battersea to become plagued with littering, pot-holes and petty crime. We can only hope that the Labour candidate will have learnt valuable lessons and not treat voters, residents and tax-payers with such contempt.
Olivier Desbarres

9 June 2017