Battersea woman banned from keeping dogs after neighbour’s cat killed

Published: Tuesday 6th June 17

A woman whose two dogs rampaged through communal gardens on a Battersea housing estate before mauling a neighbour’s cat to death has today (Tuesday) been banned from keeping dogs for an indefinite period.

Serena Lamptey of Seldon House in Stewarts Road was also ordered to pay fines and court costs of £900 as a result of last October’s incident. As a result of her conviction her tenancy is now also being reviewed by the council’s housing department and could result in further enforcement action. 

Magistrates were told that her two Staffordshire bull terriers were allowed to run loose and unsupervised in communal areas on the Savona estate before digging their way under a fence into a private garden and killing a neighbour’s cat.

The cat, named Caspar, had been a much loved pet for 17 years and part of the neighbour’s family since it was a kitten.

Witnesses who saw the attack said the dogs had been “running around like lunatics…..biting trees and jumping over walls” for at least ten minutes before launching their attack.

A number of witnesses described the dogs digging their way under the wooden fence and trying to bite chunks off it in their frenzied attempts to get at the cat.

Some local residents bravely tried to intervene and scare the dogs away by throwing buckets of water at them but they were unable to save the cat.

A short time later Ms Lamptey appeared and collected her dogs. When she was subsequently interviewed by officers in the council’s animal welfare team she said she’d lost track of her dogs’ whereabouts as she had been talking to her daughter on her mobile phone.

The area her dogs were allowed to run loose is a part of the estate that dogs are banned from entering under Wandsworth housing estate byelaws. There are 12 noticeboards positioned around the estate outlining these bylaws and making it clear to residents that dogs are not permitted in these communal amenity areas. Despite this Ms Lamptey said it was her routine everyday habit to exercise her dogs there.

In the immediate aftermath the court heard she had given the dogs to two relatives – one to a sister living in East London and the other to her daughter who lives in Croydon.

Magistrates ordered that they be contacted and instructed, that by order of the court, the dogs must be kept muzzled and on a lead at all times when in a public place.

Ms Lamptey pleaded guilty to one offence under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 namely that she was the owner of two dogs that were dangerously out of control.

The prosecution was brought by Wandsworth Council’s animal welfare team.

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Is that all!!!!!! A simple ban and the dangerous dogs allowed to live. Appalling, She should be heavily fined and if no money then prison. It is NOT OK to kill people's cats!!!!!!
Carol Tibbs

9 June 2017