Builder could face court action after flytip discovery

Published: Friday 26th May 17

A local builder faces being summonsed to appear in front of magistrates following the discovery of a large flytip on Tooting Common earlier this week.

A huge pile of timber, rubble and debris was found in Furzedown Road early on Monday morning.

Evidence gleaned from the flytip led the council’s parks police officers to a residential address in Streatham where extensive building work was being carried out.

A full dossier of evidence will shortly be examined by the council’s legal team and could lead to the builder and others being summonsed to appear in court.

The maximum penalty that can be imposed by the courts following conviction for a serious flytip offence is an unlimited fine and/or a prison sentence of up to five years.

Residents having work done on their properties should always check with their builders and other contractors precisely how they will be disposing of any waste materials.

They should be extremely wary of people knocking on their doors unannounced and offering to take away their rubbish.

Cowboy waste contractors often drive around residential areas looking for homes that are being refurbished or cleared. They will approach the owner and offer to take “junk” away for a cut price rate.

But instead of taking it to a proper waste disposal site and paying the appropriate fees, they simply dump it somewhere nearby – often in parks or other open spaces – leaving taxpayers to foot the clean-up bill.

In these cases it is not just the flytipper who is committing a crime – the householder who paid them to take their waste away is also liable under the law.

Residents wanting rubbish cleared can call the town hall on (020) 8871 8558. The council will remove waste for a modest fee. If households choose a licensed private contractor instead they must make sure they get a proper receipt.

Anyone with information about rubbish being dumped should telephone (020) 8871 6396. All calls will be treated in confidence.

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Zero excuse for this type of environmental vandalism....funny how Wandsworth council are unhappy about this type of environmental damage yet continue with their proposal to fell 75+ healthy chestnut trees on the same common. In my opinion both are crimes and acts of environmental sabotage.

30 May 2017

I sincerely hope this scumbag gets the maximum penalty and is also hit where it hurts these people the most - their selfish wallets. They deserve prison.

29 May 2017

Another thing, David - those "guys driving around Wandsworth with the caged in vans" are usually not general rubbish collectors, they are scrap-metal dealers looking for discarded metal - many people (especially builders) deliberately leave old radiators, metal pipework, etc, that they've removed, out on the street for them to collect. For a small amount of metal it's not worth taking it to a scrapyard, and taking it to a council tip in a van is chargeable. But the roving scrap collectors put it all together and make it worthwhile - they are effectively a free metal-recycling service. They are not a problem, they are part of the solution!

28 May 2017

David, it might work for bigger contractors doing big jobs, but they aren't the problem. At any one time there are hundreds of builders, big & small, working all over the borough, unseen indoors as well as outdoors. Many are just doing quick jobs - a day or two, perhaps less. What if they don't usually work in the borough - would they have to buy a £1000 bond/licence to do one £150 job? Are decorators, plumbers, gardeners included - and every little half-retired odd-job man? How do you tell the difference between him and a DIY-er like me? Would you have teams of special police combing Wandsworth questioning every single person seen with a hammer or piece of wood, demanding to see evidence?

28 May 2017

It's actually really easy to stop this. Make every builder working in Wandsworth pay a yearly deposit of 1000.00 which they get back each year as long as they are not linked to fly tipping. Same with those guys driving around Wandsworth with the caged in vans collecting waste, a 1000.00 deposit which is payed back in increments every time they visit the official waste site. They will make all sorts of claims that they aren't collecting waste but if they are caught with waste and don't have a license they forfeit their vehicle. There it's sorted!
David edgar

26 May 2017