Battersea pub designated asset of community value

Published: Wednesday 24th May 17

The council has given the local community an increased say in the future of a historic public house in Battersea by designating it an asset of community value (ACV).

The council has listed The Stag pub in Westbridge Road as an ACV, reflecting its important contribution to the social history of this part of the borough.

The decision was reached following a community nomination after the building’s owners notified town hall planners that they were considering its demolition. 

Designating the pub as an ACV means that the normal permitted development rights have been suspended and any proposal to demolish the building would require planning permission.

It also means that if the owners wish to sell the building they must first give the local community the chance to buy it. The listing gives local residents a six month window in which to raise sufficient funds to purchase it.

Although the owner does not have to sell to a community group, the ACV designation improves the chances of local grassroots organisations being able to raise the necessary funds by effectively triggering a six month moratorium on any sale or demolition.

Wandsworth Council’s director of housing and regeneration Brian Reilly said: “This pub has played a significant role in the social history of Battersea. Because of this the council believes the local community should have a say in the next chapter of its history.”

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As an architect, I am flabbergasted that anyone would think of demolishing such a beautiful, solid building with a strong history - just off Battersea Square, where there is a renaissance which is just beginning. The possibilities for this building are endless, with a little imagination

26 May 2017