Live or work in Wandsworth? Register with the Home Ownership Team to get priority for shared ownership

Published: Monday 15th May 17

More than 300 shared ownership homes have been bought by local residents and workers in the last year.

With other developments coming soon, the council is encouraging more people with to register with the Home Ownership Team to see if they qualify.

Shared ownership helps people who cannot afford to buy a home at full value by allowing a step-by-step purchase. You can buy a share of between 25 and 75 per cent initially, and pay a discounted rent on the rest, with the chance to buy a larger share at a later date.  

Brian Reilly, Director of Housing and Regeneration, said: “In the coming weeks more homes for shared ownership will become available, both newly built and for re-sale, so I’d urge anyone interested in buying a low cost home to find out more by registering with our home ownership team.”

If you live or work in Wandsworth, register with the council’s home ownership team to get priority for shared ownership homes:  / / (020) 8871 6016.

To find out about new shared ownership developments sign up for the council’s weekly e-newsletter at

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Hi, me and my fiance live in Wandsworth and would love to try and buy a shared ownership house in the borough of possible.
Andrew Bailey

7 July 2017

A pleasant day to you. I am interested on GOOCH House properties for Intermediate Market Rent. Can you kindly assist me on how can I apply for this. I have lived in the borough for at least 2 years. Looking forward to hear from you soon.
Ma.Bernadette de Jesus

20 June 2017