Wandsworth’s oldest resident turns 108

Published: Friday 12th May 17

Wandsworth oldest resident, Damaris Bryant, celebrated her 108th birthday with a visit from the Mayor of Wandsworth, Cllr Richard Field.

She also shared her special day with friends and carers at her home in Battersea. 

Born in Jamaica on 12 May 1909, Miss Bryant moved to the UK in the 1950s to work as a nurse. She settled in Wandsworth and has lived in the borough ever since. After many years working for the NHS, Miss Bryant later volunteered in a local charity shop when she retired.

Miss Bryant has lived in her present home in Battersea since the 1980s and has formed close friendships in the local community, with friends praising her kind spirit and sense of humour. She loves watching the soaps, and never misses Emmerdale or EastEnders.

Miss Bryant has received a birthday card from the Queen every year since turning 100 and was thrilled to add another to her collection. Miss Bryant, who is a huge fan of the Royal Family, looks forward to receiving her royal card every year. 

The Mayor of Wandsworth, Cllr Field said: “It’s an absolute honour to meet Miss Bryant, who has lived in the borough for over 50 years. Reaching the age of 108 is an amazing achievement.. I am delighted to present Miss Bryant with the Mayor’s pin and put her name on the Roll of Honour. I wish her a very happy birthday.”

The mayor’s Roll of Honour gives recognition to the achievements and community spirit of local people. Find out more. 

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Well done Damaris, what a fantastic achievement. My Nan was born in the same year and month as you, however you are older by days. She made it to the wonderful age of 99. I guess 1909 was a vintage year producing formidable ladies like yourselves. God bless you and may your coming year be filled with lots of happy and joyous moments. Congratulations.
M Kennedy

14 May 2017