Councillors set out leadership teams for coming year

Published: Thursday 11th May 17

Ahead of next week’s annual council meeting the majority and opposition parties have set out their leadership teams for 2017/18.

Leader of the majority Conservative party  Ravi Govindia is set to appoint the following councillors to his cabinet team:

  • Adult Care and Health: Cllr Paul Ellis
  • Communications: Cllr Steffi Sutters
  • Community Services (and Deputy Leader): Cllr Jonathan Cook
  • Education and Children Children’s Services: Cllr Sarah McDermott
  • Finance and Corporate Resources: Cllr Guy Senior
  • Housing: Cllr Claire Salier
  • Employment, Skills and Business Development: Cllr Kim Caddy

Leader of the opposition Labour party Simon Hogg is set to appoint the following deputies:

  • Deputy Leader: Cllr Fleur Anderson
  • Deputy Leader: Cllr Candida Jones 

The annual meeting, also known as the Mayor Making Ceremony, is also expected to see Cllr Jim Maddan sworn in as the new Mayor of Wandsworth, with Cllr Ian Lewer taking over as Deputy Mayor. 

Nominations for members of the council’s various scrutiny and regulatory committees have also been published and will go before the annual meeting for ratification.

See a full list of council meetings on the council website.

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