Recycle your food waste

Published: Thursday 4th May 17

Next week (May 7-13) is International Compost Awareness Week, and local people are urged to find out about how they can compost their food waste.

More and more Wandsworth residents are embracing composting and the council runs special offers on home composting containers, and offers information and advice on home composting and garden waste shredders.

It is also providing funding through the Wandsworth Grant Fund for a composting project run by a partnership of the Wendelsworth Residents Association, Wandsworth Environment Forum and the Western Riverside Waste Authority.

This aims to set up ‘hotbins’ in various community locations around the borough, including the Wendelsworth Estate in Wandsworth, which will demonstrate how to compost food waste that cannot be put on a conventional compost heap, including meat, fish and bones.

Advice and information sessions about composting in general and “hot” composting in particular are scheduled for early July. Find out more about by contacting the Wandsworth Composting Project on 07980 095 152, or email

Composting provides peat- and chemical-free way of fertilising gardens, containers and house plants. It diverts food waste away from rubbish bags, so helping to save council tax payers’ money through reducing disposal charges.

Residents do not need a garden - they can compost on a balcony or even in their kitchen.

Get more information about home composting

The council will collect up to five bags of garden waste a week for free. Find out about garden waste disposal

Find out more about special offers on home composting containers

Get help choosing a garden waste shredder

Find out more about recycling in Wandsworth

The council is keen to receive applications for Wandsworth Grant Fund funding for environmental schemes, such as furniture re-use schemes on housing estates. Find out how to apply in the next funding round in September at

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Hi, I want to recycle my food waste, I am from Bristol and I am used to being provided with a kitchen caddy for my waste. I do not have one here in Wandsworth though and I am at a loss as to what to do with the mounds of food piling up in my kitchen. I see that other boroughs provide residents with kitchen caddys but it seems impossible to find out what Wandsworth does. Please can someone reply and more importantly please can someone get me a caddy. Thanks, Philippa

27 September 2017

Lovely idea! Made me smile. Every small step is a step in the right direction. Thank you Wandsworth Council for supporting this scheme

5 May 2017