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Published: Friday 21st April 17

A General Election will be held on Thursday June 8, and residents have until May 22 to register to vote.

British Citizens, along with citizens of qualifying Commonwealth countries, the Republic of Ireland and British Overseas territories are all eligible to vote. 

Those people who know they are not registered can apply to join the register by visiting

Residents are reminded that if they have recently added their name to a Household Enquiry Form, but not made an individual application including their National Insurance number and date of birth (either on the website or by paper form), that they need to do this in order to be included on the electoral register. 

To double check if you are registered, call (020) 8871 6023.

Residents who want to apply for a postal vote must submit an application form by 5pm on May 23. If you wish to apply for a proxy vote, this must be done by 5pm on May 31.  Sending a scanned copy of these 

Poll cards will be delivered to all eligible registered voters in May.  These will provide information and a map showing which local polling station they should use. Voters will also be able to check the location of their polling station on the council’s website nearer the time. 

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on polling day. Wandsworth residents will be voting for an MP representing either the Battersea, Tooting or Putney constituency.  Local results will be live-tweeted by the council from the count at the town hall. Follow @wandbc for updates. 

For more details, visit

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