‘Shiver me timbers’ - a pirate ship is plotting course for Earlsfield

Published: Tuesday 18th April 17

A fearsome looking pirate ship has been spotted sailing towards Earlsfield.

But fear not – it isn’t one that sails the seven seas – but a ship that will soon be the centrepiece of the new-look Swaby Gardens playground that’s getting a £163,000 makeover.

The Golden Ghost is setting sail for Earlsfield

The replica pirate vessel, complete with ropes, nets, slides and a lookout tower, is being introduced to the playground along with a number of other improvements that were voted on by local residents in a recent consultation.

These include a new triple bay set of swings and new rubber-based safety flooring. Artificial grass is also being installed to keep everyone free from muddy patches.

Funding for the improvements is coming from the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy or NCIL which is secured from development partners to fund local community facilities.

Work to “anchor” the new pirate ship, named The Golden Ghost - is expected to begin later this year.

The new play equipment is suitable for children aged between six and 14. The existing toddler play equipment is being retained but will be moved to another part of the playground to make space for the Golden Ghost.

Children’s services spokesman Cllr Kathy Tracey said: “’I’m sure that all those who sail in the Golden Ghost will find it tremendously exciting. It will be a great addition to Swaby Gardens and provide hours of imaginative fun for small pirates.”

The playground improvement works will be carried out by Enable Leisure and Culture, which manages the borough’s parks and open spaces on behalf of the council.

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When was the vote on this held?
Andrew MacMillan

19 April 2017

My grandson goes to this playground everyday with his friends from Chelsea Childrens School. They will be delighted with this new addition to the park,
Barbara White

18 April 2017