Ceremony marks completion of Wandle delta eco-project

Published: Wednesday 5th April 17

A ceremony has been held to mark the completion of an important eco-project that is creating a new aquatic habitat in the mouth of the River Wandle.

Representatives from a range of organisations involved in the project met to celebrate the culmination of a six month scheme that is breathing new life into the Wandle at the point it meets the Thames.

The project has seen the removal of layers of contaminated sediment that have built up in the Wandle delta over the past quarter of a century. It also includes the removal of a tidal weir to improve water flows in this stretch of the river.

Improving water flows and removing sludge and silt to expose the gravel river bed will help restore a wildlife habitat measuring roughly a hectare in size that has the potential to become a spawning area and nursery for young fish.

The council’s environment spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “This is a significant step forward in efforts to improve water quality in the Wandle delta.

“Removing all the sludge and silt that has built up over the years and removing this redundant old weir will allow the water to flow much more freely and hopefully restore a thriving habitat for fish and other aquatic wildlife. It will also encourage a much wider range of plant life to flourish in the river again.”

The work was carried out by the council with funding provided by Thames Water as part of its work to improve water quality, restore lost wildlife habitats and offset the impact of its Thames Tideway Tunnel.

The scheme is also supported by The Environment Agency, the Marine Management Organisation and the Port of London Authority.

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Recent comments

Well done! Now I hope this is the beginning of the environmental enhancement of the Delta area as a whole. Next we need the Wandle Trail/Thames Path opened up. The priority is the already safeguarded east bank path along Feathers Wharf. This cannot be left for another 8 years until WRWA can afford to do it. Wandsworth's new town centre is ready for this now.
Bruce St Julian-Bown

10 April 2017

I'm leading a free and relaxed cycle tour of The Wandle later in April, details on FB "Love London Brompton Tours" if you want to join in
Paul C

10 April 2017

Great news. But I think we have all forgotten the Thames Tideway Tunnel coming along the river bank and being joined from St. George's Park - watch this space, it will probably be all dug up again in a few months.
Carol Tibbs

9 April 2017

Good work. For those of us walking, cycling, photographing the Wandle . . . Every initiative and effort is noted and applauded . . . https://youtu.be/PO4wX_5Lhb4 https://youtu.be/20SwxIvogh8 https://youtu.be/VHtIKqyPDn0
Ed Jason

7 April 2017

This is a fantastic development for Wandsworth. I hope they can now work to improve the public walkway along the river wandle so that it becomes a clean and safe place to walk at day or night.

7 April 2017

I am sorry to see the barge (the one that has been there for years) disappear.

5 April 2017