More shared ownership homes approved for Wandsworth

Published: Tuesday 28th March 17

Twenty nine new homes for low cost home ownership received planning permission last week (23 March) on the site of a fuel storage depot as part of the wider redevelopment of the Osiers Road area.

The site overlooks Bell Lane Creek and the River Wandle delta, which is currently undergoing improvement works by Thames Water to create a new nature reserve and support aquatic wildlife.

Just over 900 square metres of business space would also be provided, along with 80 homes for sale, and infrastructure improvements such as a new public plaza on the banks of the Wandle, landscaping and pedestrian routes through the area. The mixed-use development is proposed to include buildings of between ten and 14 storeys.  

Committee chairman, Cllr Sarah McDermott, said: “We took into account concerns such as height and density, and it was felt that while the development would of course make an impact, this would be within London and local planning guidelines and would sit appropriately amongst the existing development. Members of the planning committee voted in favour of granting permission by eight to one.”

People who live or work in Wandsworth can get priority on shared ownership homes in the borough – register with the council’s Home Ownership Team here.

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I'm very happy for this new developments houses, but the problem is who can afford to bay does houses or expensive apartments. Normal people like me been living more five Years in Wandsworth council can't afford for council house.
Joia Cabral

31 March 2017

I'll ask the question I've posed before. Affordable homes? To whom? If they are affordable on a salary of, say, £30,000 p.a., then, at a pinch, possibly. If not, it's not going to help key workers, and those on a minimum wage. There are still London employers (eg the hotel chains), who are offering only the national minimum wage and not the London living wage. Anything for those workers?
anthony bennett

30 March 2017

Yay! Another construction project in Wandsworth.

30 March 2017

I trust the Thames Path will be FULLY accessible beside the Wandle and the Thames. Last time I was there it was not nor had it been accessible for some while - a disgrace!

30 March 2017