Little Village helps families thrive

Published: Tuesday 28th March 17

Little Village, set up with help from the Wandsworth Grant Fund, has helped more than 330 local families.

Little Village was set up by a group of local mums

The group was set up in 2015 by a group of mums.  Good quality used baby clothes and toys, donated by local people, are given to families in need. A grant from round two of the Wandsworth Grant Fund last year was used to help with the cost of setting up the group including paying for premises and equipment. 

Demand for the service has more than doubled and it now runs a weekly drop-in playgroup where families can collect the items they need. Items donated and distributed include more than a hundred cots and Moses baskets, 4,500 nappies and more than 80 buggies, plus countless clothes, toys and books.

A local health visitor working with homeless, refugee and asylum seeker families said: “Little Village have been invaluable in helping us to support these families and have been able to produce at very quick notice sterilisers, cots, mattresses and sheet. Little Village have not just supported us in emergencies – they have provided toys and books so parents can spent quality time playing with their children.”

Find out more about Little Village at or join the Facebook group.

Grants committee chairman Cllr Melanie Hampton said: “I’m delighted to hear Little Village is going from strength to strength. We supported its grant application because it was a brilliant idea, with real energy behind it.

“I would urge local organisations, groups of friends or neighbours, or anyone with a good idea that could help their local community to consider applying to the Wandsworth Grant Fund.”

The Wandsworth Grant Fund considers funding for projects meeting these council priorities:

1.        Arts and Culture

2.        Environment and Attractive Neighbourhoods

3.        Children and Young People

4.        Citizenship and Civic Engagement

5.        Achieving Aspirations and Potential

6.        Health and Well being

The deadline to apply for round five funding is April 18, 2017.

Applications receive a high level of scrutiny by councillors to ensure money is going where it is most needed and will have most benefit for the borough’s residents

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A series of events will be held in the coming weeks to provide information on how to apply to the Wandsworth Grant Fund. Find out more.

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