Still time to have your say on plans to give greater protection to small parks and green spaces

Published: Thursday 23rd March 17

There is still time for members of the public to take part in the consultation on proposals to introduce new byelaws in 35 of the borough’s smaller local parks and open spaces to prevent and tackle anti-social behaviour.

At present there are byelaws in place to discourage bad behaviour in the borough’s biggest parks and open spaces, including Battersea Park, Wandsworth Common and Tooting Common.

These byelaws allow the council to take action against littering, dog fouling, flytipping, vandalism, rowdy behaviour, traveller occupations, moped riding and aggressive or dangerous cycling, plus many other forms of undesirable conduct. 

But there are 35 parks and green spaces in Wandsworth, including cemeteries and playing fields, where these rules do not apply. As a result the council is now keen to ensure that these important local amenities - and the people who use and enjoy them - are given appropriate extra layers of protection.

Accordingly, the council is now proposing to introduce a set of byelaws drawn up by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) which can be used by any local authority that wants to offer enhanced levels of protection to their open spaces.

Environment spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “These proposals are designed to fill in the gap that exists between our biggest and smallest local parks.

“What we want to do is make sure that we are able to properly deal with problems of bad behaviour that damage our parks, causes distress and upset to those who want to enjoy them and in extreme cases, may even deter people from visiting them.

“Having adequate powers to tackle issues like flytipping, dog fouling and traveller invasions in each and every one of our parks and open spaces is in my view in the interests of the wider community and so I would urge residents who support these efforts to take part in this consultation.”

The consultation lasts until Friday, March 31. For more information about the proposals and to register views on the proposals please visit the council’s website.

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Recent comments

I've missed the deadline but wanted to ask if there could not be a cycle path put into York Gardens? It is an obvious route to the Winstanley Estate from York Road, as it avoids a long and dangerous D-tour via Grant Road. It is already used alot by cyclists so why not make it safer for everyone with a cycling path?
Charlotte Davies

1 April 2017

The only problem in Wandsworth Park is caused by cyclist. They ride at high speed through the Park weaving around walkers, small children and other park users. They do not dismount when required to enter the park, from the West. They are rude and aggressive. They should be banned from the Park.
Barry Rowe

31 March 2017

Sometimes play tennis in Fred Wells Gardens - lovely little park opposite me - 2 x children's playgrounds - a tennis court - But then just watch the dog owners (not all of them) - they walk in - all the way round the park with dog 'doing it's business' - never looking back once - and straight out again. Don't often see families sitting on the grass - such a shame. Such a shame that when ever the sun comes out - so do the badly behaved.
Liz D

30 March 2017

I would support this more if I saw evidence of anyone actually being convicted for breaking the bye laws. Battersea Park is left in a disgusting state every time the sun comes out, and cyclists go wherever they feel like. In the summer, people have been seen having barbeques in the middle of the cricket pitch, and loud music being played on their radios. Dog fouling still a problem. Any sign of any Parks police? Must be joking...
Judy Young

28 March 2017

At an Overview & Scrutiny committee, Cllr Torrington, a colleague of Cllr Cook stated that "parks are a luxury" and this makes people doubt what the majority party Councillors long term plans are for its treasured green spaces. Unfortunately, Cllr Cook has instilled a large doubt in the minds of many that he genuinely is seeking to protect our green spaces after is ill-thought out hijacking of Battersea Park for Formula E. Let us all hope that the gaps he wants to fill in are not the actual green spaces we all want to see protected!

27 March 2017

I am in favour of adopting the proposed new byelaws
Rosemary Lester

24 March 2017

What about fines for :- trainers who take up open space in Wandsworth common, in order to train teams of football players and cone off huge areas so they cannot be used by the local community. Also teams of baseball players also teams of adult rugby players, teams of Militry fitness They all stop the public from enjoying the open spaces
John jennings

24 March 2017

looks like there is some fines being possibly missed! because this is about cash generating not making places nicer. if it was about education and improving areas, then offenders would be sent on community service to fully appreciate the issues created, this is about revenue as are most offences involving fines these days. and to top it all you never see a patrol, i see dogs with owners leaving mess on a daily basis in ten years walking my dog i have never seen a enforcement officer. not everything can be solved with money/fines, education and making people contribute to cleaning up whatever it is thy have done is a far better way, but unfortunately there is no profit in education.

24 March 2017